Chef Keirin Buck of Le Bon Funk's favourite dining spots

Chef Keirin Buck of Le Bon Funk's favourite dining spots

Because F&B insiders know best

Text: Keirin Buck

Editor: Janice Sim

These days I'm busy with Le Bon Funk! Our one-year anniversary is coming up on 7 April and we are throwing a big party to celebrate. My friend and chef, Jonathan Tam from Restaurant Relæ in Copenhagen will be flying over where we'll be putting together an amazing menu for the event. 

Le Bon Funk

A hawker stall I would queue for is Char Kway Teow at Zion Road. One little tip: Go in the late afternoon after the lunch time crowd — since the wok has been used to prepare all those orders, there's maximum flavor in the wok that makes it especially good.

I'm a regular at Cheek Bistro. It only opened a few weeks ago, but it's already my go-to spot. Make sure to grab a seat at the counter to get a view of the kitchen and chat with the chefs.

Cheek Bistro

When I need to eat clean, I eat at home. Although admittedly, this doesn't happen as often as it should.

My favourite bar in Singapore is The Bar at Waku Ghin. If I were stranded in the desert, I would drink their gimlet over water any day.

My guilty pleasure is Ben and Jerry's cookie dough core ice cream. No explanation needed.

My go-to supper spot is McDonalds for a McSpicy with pickles. Best sandwich in Singapore.

For weekend brunch with friends, I prefer a casual outdoor BBQ with good wines over any brunch. There's no better way to spend a Sunday in my opinion.

The craziest thing I cooked was moose heart. One of my first jobs was at a really amazing restaurant that used a lot of foraged products from the Canadian wilderness. Once, one of the sous chefs was lucky enough to score a moose heart from his friend after a hunting trip. The heart is considered one of the most prized cuts and it was very unique and very delicious.

The best place to get a meal with seafood is Shinji By Kanesaka at the Carlton Hotel. The entire Chef's Omakase menu is outrageously good.

For special occasions, I go to Esora. It's a place with great tea pairings that I like to visit on special nights.

Esora Singapore

My all-time favourite restaurant is Le Chateaubriand, Paris. Chef Inaki Aizpitarte is brilliant and the restaurant isn't stuffy or pretentious — they're just about quality cooking and delicious wines with friendly service and accompanied by a lively, energetic atmosphere.

I grew up eating anything and everything organic. My parents are fanatics about the quality of vegetables and they made an effort to use as much organically grown produce as possible. It wasn't an easy feat considering I grew up in the early '90s when organic produce wasn't as readily available as it is today. Today, they own and operate their own organic farm in Bancroft, Ontario (four hours north of Toronto) called The Red Barn Door. When I go home, our meals are made mostly with products they grew themselves.

For dining with family, Sin Ming Roti Prata is my favourite place for breakfast on the weekend. Make sure to go either before 7am or in the late afternoon. They're not as busy during these times, and if you're nice, they'll make you the best coin prata in town.

Sin Ming Roti Prata

The food scene in Singapore is amazing! In my opinion, it's the most dynamic food scene in the world. Regardless of budget, dietary restrictions, or dining preferences, there are so many good places that meet everyone's requirements. I'm truly happy to be a part of this scene.