5 easy ways to jazz up your garden wedding

5 easy ways to jazz up your garden wedding

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Text: Denise Kok

There's nothing like exchanging your vows in nature's presence. Here's how to set the scene.

Don't let the heat or humidity stop you from having your dream garden wedding. For all you hipster brides out there, it certainly beats raising a toast in a hotel ballroom. Here in Singapore, our gardens grow wild and lush, forming the perfect backdrop for your nuptial celebrations. Looking to spruce up your garden wedding? Here're some tips from the catering experts over at Luxe Catering


1. Green up your tipple

Towering punch bowls might add to the drama, but we prefer to schmooze with an ice cold glass of mojito in hand. You don't have to channel Cuba if you don't want to. Give your mojito a nature-inspired twist with passionfruit, elderflower, and a bright, herbaceous touch of mint leaves.

Jazz up your mojito with touches from the garden

2. Just a touch of edible flowers

Since you're already surrounded by flowers, why not have some in your food as well? From borage to chicory flowers, these delicate beauties have graced the plates of Michelin-starred restaurants the world over, elevating each dish with an unexpected flavour accent and touch of colour. Before you start picking blooms from your garden, it's wise to note that not all flowers are edible.

luxe catering

3. Garden-themed desserts

There're plenty of ways to transpose nature's beauty onto your plate and dessert's a great place to showcase your creativity. Elevate a classic panna cotta with wild berries and basil, or dress up chocolate mousse with poached peaches. To impress, serve them up in a mason jars or tiny glass pots. 

Panna cotta with wild berries and basil

4. Ditch the floral centrepiece

Your first instinct might be to go with a floral display. It's predictable and safe, but frankly speaking — quite forgettable. Don't be afraid to walk on the wild side by dressing up your tables with green bouquets bursting with herbs and leaves. They not only help to scent the party with a bright, aromatic note, but are also easy on the wallet as well.  

green bouquets

5. Opt for butler service

Take a cue from The St. Regis and engage your very own white-gloved butlers. The ones from Luxe Catering don't only look the part, but also turn on the charm while dishing up canapés. 

Luxe Catering

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