Capella Singapore's first ever vegan afternoon tea is delicious and entirely guilt-free

Capella Singapore's first ever vegan afternoon tea is delicious and entirely guilt-free

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Text: Janice Sim

Who knew afternoon teas could be good for your body?

In life, we get a free pass to three essential meals. Anything more, and it's considered an indulgence.

But here's where Capella's latest wellness afternoon tea could pose as a potential grey area. Credit given to its 100% plant-based menu — free of gluten, refined sugar, dairy, preservatives and artificial additives. While that can either sound like a blessing or a nightmare (especially for tea-time purists), be at ease as this afternoon tea is still a delightful experience. You won't be subjecting yourself to a bevy of salads or green juices here, that's for sure. 

Capella Singapore

Available every Friday of the week (T.G.I.F!) at the Chef's Table, Wellness Tea Time is a fruit of labour birthed from raw food chef, Sandra Lim, and chef David Senia, culinary director of Capella Singapore. The five-course menu starts on a savoury note — with offerings like root vegetables and hummus tarts, and a tantalising tempeh portobello slider. Flavours are rich yet easy on the palate, thanks to the absence of meats and other heavyweight ingredients.

Capella Singapore Healthy wellness afternoon tea

An instant favourite? Their special house scones that were masterfully created without the help of eggs, butter or flour — yet emits an aromatic flavour alongside hero spreads of raspberry chia seed jam and whipped coconut cream. Landing on a sweet finish, the tea closes in with a colourful medley. This includes a cacao avocado mousse, quinoa and zucchini chocolate tea cake, chocolate hazelnut dome and a cheesecake crafted with activated cashews fermented with probiotics and drowned in a blueberry beetroot glaze. Diners can also wash all that healthy goodness down with three of their finest Ronnefeldt Ayurvedic teas. 

Capella Singapore Healthy wellness afternoon tea

You can have your cake — and eat it, as intricately demonstrated by this first-of-its-kind wellness tea. The next time you feel the urge to go rogue mid-day with your girlfriends, Capella Singapore is here for you.

Wellness Tea Time will be held every Friday at the Chef's Table, Capella Singapore from 3 to 5pm, $59 ++ per person