Cafe Culture 2019: A four-day pop-up featuring Melbourne’s Lune Croissanterie, Copenhagen’s Coffee Collective, and more

Cafe Culture 2019: A four-day pop-up featuring Melbourne’s Lune Croissanterie, Copenhagen’s Coffee Collective, and more

Booth hopping

Text: Marielle Solano

Walking into a cafe comes with specific notions of what to expect: Wafts of freshly-brewed coffee, a glass-paned shelf of pastries on display, that classic cosy cafe vibe and the same few seats occupied by a handful of regulars engaged fixatedly on some riveting paperback or other. It's a scene unique to cafes, and it has such a special place in so many of our hearts that the hunt for that familiar milieu has become a kind of cultural universality (you may know it as cafe hopping). Needless to say, some do it better than others. And for all our eagerness to traverse the globe in search of our cafe soulmate, a special trade show is coming to town so we don't necessarily have to – and its name is Cafe Culture.

This one-of-a-kind cashless affair will bring ten international cafes to our very own Sands Expo and Convention Centre in Marina Bay Sands for a four-day immersive journey through the best brews, brunches, bakes and cakes that these overseas branches have to offer. Among those who offer said best brews: Coffee Collective, from Copenhagen in Denmark. These coffee experts are not just about quality beans treated with the meticulous hand of a professional barista – they also focus on giving farmers due tribute, especially for their hard work in producing the sustainable stuff that is the source of all of Coffee Collective's goodness. Of course, equal fanfare should be given to the three other renowned coffee concepts that will make an appearance at the event: St. Ali from Melbourne, Switch Coffee Tokyo from, well, Tokyo, and Roots from Bangkok. If you're a craft tea person, check out the offerings from Shanghai-originating Pushers.

Cafe Culture, Coffee Collective Copenhagen Denmark

Brunch is that meal in the day that has a reputation for being indulgent; none of the modesty of breakfast, and all of the full-fledged flavors of lunch except with copious amounts of coffee. Three of such specialists grace the event with their brunch options – and when the options are as diverse as Cafe Culture's will be, you can really get crazy with the food and drink pairings (think Indonesia-hailing pancakes with Chinese tea or toast from Thailand dipped into Japanese coffee).

Cafe Culture, Sisterfields Bali Indonesia

Bakes and cakes – fun to say, even more fun to sample, especially when your options include famed pastries made by the folks at Lune Croissanterie from Melbourne, Australia. Absolute masters of their craft, they specialise in croissant-making that extends beyond just factory-esque repetition. Each of their creations is detailed, intentional, and infused with the essence of their individual and collective passions; so much so that it's gotten worldwide acclaim. KOI Dessert Bar (not the bubble tea joint from Taiwan that has taken firm residence in our country as well as our hearts, mind you) will present their cakes, representing Australia once again with their Sydney-hailing dining concept. Whatever your cafe preferences, we're certain the conglomeration of big names at Cafe Culture will have something (spectacular) to tickle your fancy.

Cafe Culture, Lune Croissanterie Melbourne Australia

Level 1, Hall C, Sands Expo and Convention Centre, Marina Bay Sands
Cafe Culture will run from 10.30am to 6pm on the dates of 29 August 2019 to 1 September 2019. For ticket details, visit their website.