Buying wines online have never been easier with Clink Clink, a sommelier-led bottle shop

Buying wines online have never been easier with Clink Clink, a sommelier-led bottle shop

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Text: Cheryl Lai-Lim

Image: Clink Clink

With a myriad of flavour notes, acidity levels, and mind-boggling characteristics, choosing the right wine to match a certain occasion or meal can be intimidating, and at times, frustrating. With the pandemic doubling our time and meals cooked at home, settling on a good bottle of wine might feel like a distant fantasy, especially if you're not ready to head out just yet. Well, The Lo and Behold Group has curated a special platform, just so they bring the sommelier to you via an online bottle shop.

Its name is Clink Clink, and it's all about stripping down the formalities of wine selection into an effortless affair. Professional sommeliers are placed in charge of curating the wines here, and grouping them in bundles of threes and sixes. All of which has been designed to complement your preferences and expand your tastes. Each bundle have undergone rigorous taste tests to ensure its quality and to keep things interesting, there will be a revolving selection that's swapped out each quarter.

On his philosophy on Clink Clink's wine curation, resident sommelier Matthew Lamb shares, "Our bundles have been designed for exploration. Customers can look for something they are familiar with and discover bottles that may push the boundaries by introducing lesser-known varieties, producers and regions. Such diversity and overall quality in the world of wine has never been so accessible until now."

If you've ever wondered what the professionals themselves drink, opt for Clink Clink's Global Sommelier Series, a programme that features different bottles of wines that renowned sommeliers drink on their days off. Featuring a guest sommelier every month, you would be able to get an exclusive peek into their cellars and discover their favourite bottles. With Clink Clink, you can now catch up on Netflix's latest with a glass of wine or swifty host a dinner soirée — minus all that fuss. Below, a look at some of our favourite wine bundles available.