#BuroLive Episode 17: Curing seafood with Chef Drew Nocente

#BuroLive Episode 17: Curing seafood with Chef Drew Nocente

Salted & Hung

Text: Denise Kok

Who knew you could cure seafood right in your own home?

Before refrigerators were invented, cooks and chefs turned to various methods of curing to preserve meats and seafood. Over at Salted & Hung, chef Drew Nocente continues to practise these age-old methods of salting, brining, aging, and drying to give familiar ingredients an inventive twist. As it turns out, salmon isn't the only seafood that cures beautifully. By experimenting with different curing methods and ingredients, Nocente has managed to turn out his own crab pâté, cured scallop, and smoked Hamachi (Japanese amberjack). 

In this episode of #BuroLive, Nocente lets us in on the art and science of curing, and shows us a quick and easy curing trick you can try at home — perfect for your next dinner party. 


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