Treat your mum to delights from our Buro-inspired Mother’s Day menu at The Providore

Treat your mum to delights from our Buro-inspired Mother’s Day menu at The Providore

Mum's the word

Text: Amelia Chia

Fresh, fun and flavourful, these delectable dishes are available for the next two weeks only

It's Mother's Day in 10 days' time. Yes, that all-important day — second in line after her birthday — where you celebrate the woman who brought you into this world. We admit, it's a tough gig. Your mum gave birth to you, taught you how to read and write, provided you food and shelter and cared for you through the decades. She probably even spent countless nights awake, praying for your safety and worrying for your well-being. Feel the guilt start to creep in yet?

Payback is never an easy thing, and in this case, we deem it almost impossible. We thought of a bunch of ideas that could appease her (flowers, perfume, breakfast in bed?) but none we really liked as much as creating our own menu just for her. Since few of us can work magic in the kitchen better than our mums, we turned to Aussie-inspired café, The Providore, for help. Together, we sat down and put together a Mother's Day special menu that captures the Buro 24/7 spirit and pushes the boundaries with bold colours and fresh flavours. With a fine selection of hearty and healthy mains, exquisite desserts and refreshing beverages, these innovative creations are as good on the lips as they are for the soul.

buro 24/7 singapore, the Providore, Mother's Day

To kick things off, select from one of two mains. You'll find a healthy, carb-free option in the Niçoise Salad, which comes served with a delicious poached trout, quail eggs and drizzled with pomegranate molasses vinaigrette. For something more substantial, order the Ricotta Ravioli, tossed with tomato basil, baby spinach and a sharp Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese.

There's always room for dessert. The Apple Danish is a warm, delightful pastry topped with frangipani and almond bits to deliver a tart finish, while the Trio of Eclairs fuses some of your favourite flavours in this French classic. Choose from Goma, a beautiful black sesame concoction, Raspberry, filled with raspberry cream, or everyone's campfire must-have, S'mores, which comes with dark chocolate with marshmallow knots and brown butter crumble.

buro 24/7 singapore, the Providore, Mother's Day

After a thirst quencher or the final component to tie your Instagram shot together? Try the Rose Earl Grey Iced Tea, topped with fresh mint and raspberry, or a glass of Dumangin Champagne Le Rosé. Light, bright and with a touch of elegance, these drinks are designed to leave you wanting more.

buro 24/7 singapore, the Providore, Mother's Day

So, go on and treat your mum to a sumptuous meal at The Providore, and maybe throw in those flowers and a bottle of perfume for good measure. She'll love that this was all thoughtfully planned with her in mind.

This special Mother's Day menu is available at The Providore's cafes (Raffles Place, Mandarin Gallery and Tangs) from 6 to 21 May 2017. 

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