Is breakfast for dinner the latest food trend?

Is breakfast for dinner the latest food trend?

Bring it on

Text: Janice Sim

Let's be honest, waking up at 8am for breakfast is pure torture

As Ron Swanson from Parks & Recreation puts it, "Why does anyone in the world ever eat anything but breakfast food?" We concur — fluffy pancakes, toasty waffles, avocado on toast, sizzling bacon strips and generous dollops of ricotta cheese are some of life's greatest pleasures. And finally, somebody else gets it. Our buddies at Tiong Bahru Bakery are absolute mind readers, and have delightfully responded with an innovative dinner menu comprising of your everyday breakfast favourites

But in case you're wondering how these breakfast foods can fully satisfy your 7pm cravings, it's good to know that these hearty dishes encompass elements of what a foodie would typically have for breakfast and dinner (such as pasta and fries alongside pancakes). Introducing brinner: the brilliant new word on our lips.

What to order? First up, try the PB&B Pancake Burger — if you're a slave to hotcakes, this is your new lover. Think a glorious bed of soft, warm pancakes, with strips of spiced pork belly wedged in between, and topped with brulee bananas and creamy ricotta cheese. This is your Korean BBQ dream making its way into the open arms of your traditional American big breakfast. For an added hint of sweetness, drizzle a little maple syrup over.Breakfast dinner pancakes pork belly Korean

Here, an all-American diner classic also gets a makeover with their French Onion Burger — where condiments are king. Sweet bacon jam is mixed in with caramelised and crispy onions, sandwiched between fluffy buns and served with fries on the side. Tip: The burger and fries combo make for a hefty portion, so share this one unless you're exceptionally ravenous.

Breakfast dinner burger patty bacon jam

If you're a health nut, tuck into this bright bowl of carbs. The combination of brown and wild rice, topped with chorizo, cucumber, avocado, feta cheese, and a fried egg, is delightfully refreshing with flavours that are bound to hit home. Best of all, you won't be left feeling overly guilty before heading to bed. 

 Breakfast dinner brown rice bowl fried egg

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