Get your tipple fix in under an hour with this nifty app

Get your tipple fix in under an hour with this nifty app

Booze, please

Text: Janice Sim

That delivery service we've all been waiting for

It's half-past dinner party o'clock, and you've forgotten the most important thing — the booze — a.k.a. the life of the soiree. Before you start hitting the panic switch button, here's an app that can easily obliterate the dreadful crisis at hand. Download BottlesXO, place your order, and this speedy delivery service will have your selection of quality wines and craft beers at your doorstep in as quick as 29 minutes. The maximum waiting time? An hour. 

BottlesXO delivery app for wines and beers

Instead of serving your guests a generic store-bought wine, impress your dinner crowd with the selection at BottlesXO. Expect over 50 artisanal offerings that have all been personally curated and scoured from Europe's finest independent vineyards and breweries. Some of the drink labels available on the app are Terra Mazzei from Italy, Famille Perrin from France, and Franz Keller from Germany.

We're all for the fact that there's no delivery charge or minimum order required. And if you're the antsy type, feel free to keep tabs on the delivery route via its in-built GPS tracking system on the app (yes, like an adult version of UberEATS).

BottlesXO delivery app for wines and beers

If you're serious about your alcoholic beverages, learn a thing or two about the drink you're about to consume with BottlesXO's detailed drink listings. Frequent drinker? Clock points with every purchase and be duly rewarded with cash vouchers once you've hit your targets, which you can exchange for complimentary drinks. We say three cheers to that (and technology).

BottlesXO is available on iOS and Android

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