Best wedding caterers in Singapore: Fine Palate, Luxe Catering, Megu, Straits Chinese, and more

Best wedding caterers in Singapore: Fine Palate, Luxe Catering, Megu, Straits Chinese, and more

"We now pronounce the feast"

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Reeling from the post-engagement high, ensues the cool down that typically involves nail-biting decisions — read: months worth of wedding prep. We're talking overwhelming wedding checklists to conquer, unsolicited opinions from friends and family, and the pressure to maintain a glowing mien before the big day happens. Out of all the many elements, there's the subject of food, where any haphazard choice could sabotage the entire occasion. After all, we are circling back to Singaporeans and their fervent love for eating.

While any five-star hotel could take care of that daunting aspect for you, there are a handful of us who would prefer to wed in an atypical and more intimate haven — whether it be a quaint chapel or deserted warehouse building. That means outsourcing the grub, which boils down to the caterers to cook up a sumptious feast. Lucky for you, these local caterers know what they're doing when it comes to serving a huge hungry party. From sophisticated Italian classics to spicy broths that even your grandmother-in-law would approve, here's our shortlist.

Fine Palate

If you and your soon-to-be spouse appreciate the finer things in life, this first-line caterer is known for their famed clientele that includes a couple of celebrity weddings. Its popularity amongst the rich and famous can be attributed to its artisanal catering services and delectable food. For private and large scale events, Fine Palate has assembled a one-of-a-kind menu that is tailored to meet your soaring expectations in accordance to personal taste preferences. Noteworthy mentions include its Cocktail Catering, featuring tasty popular meats like wagyu burger or tandoori chicken skewers with spiced yogurt. Not your cup of tea? They also offer seafood and vegetarian options with a side of Asian herbs to spice up your palate. There's also an all-you-can-eat option, with a buffet encompassing delicious mains like roasted black angus and salmon en croute that are practically made to hit anybody's protein count. Keen to take things up a notch? The fine dining menu has a duck leg in red wine reduction and red snapper loin lathered in green curry sauce.

Fine catering

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Luxe Catering

From sophisticated French butlers to buffet lunches and live stations with culinary chefs, Luxe Catering stays true to its name. Their personalised services cultivate a pampering dining experience that guests — and most importantly, the bride and groom — can happily indulge in. If you are looking for that touch of authentic French flare, Luxe Catering has got your Parisian wedding reception dreams covered. Its live chef post with a roasted ribeye carving station and chilli crab meat pasta station stand to be enticing highlights where delightful treats are made-to-order. Guests can also opt to savour French delicacies, including the marinated beef sirloin and provencal vegetable lasagne with ratatouille. After devouring the opulent main course, finish off with an assortment of delicious mini pastries.

Best wedding caterers in Singapore: Fine Palate, Luxe Catering, Megu, Straits Chinese, and more (фото 1)

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Translated to 'blessing' in Japanese, Megu does just that through their stellar wedding services in both catering and decorations. Chocking up almost 30 years of catering experience, it's all about the innovative food delicacies that harks from the West to the East. Exquisite food choices such as spiced rubbed white fish with caramelised pineapple and smoked barbecue with chicken patties and jalapeno relish are some of the many flavourful dishes waiting to be devoured. If that doesn't sound appealing enough, the Asian fusion menu with Megu's signature laksa lemak and kueh pie tee embellished in shrimp and garlic chili would certainly impress your in-laws. There's also the Western dining menu:  Featuring a truffle scented poulet veloute soup and rosemary chicken with carrot puree. Embellishments? Say no more. Their personalised wedding specials scale from a champagne tower to a chocolate fondue fountain. Nothing is too elaborate when it comes to your big day.

Megu catering

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Straits Chinese

Nonya cuisine is a rarity amongst caterers, not to mention it's hard to even find a place that does justice to the heritage fare. With a distinguished reputation as one of the oldest Nonya restaurant on our shores, Straits Chinese offers authentic Peranakan dishes to couples looking to get hitched as well as other special occasions. Using the freshest ingredients and a select pool of spices, this well-loved restaurant caters a myriad of dishes at affordable price points. With packages ranging from six-courses to ten-courses, inclusive of desserts, appetisers, and beverages, this will be a wedding sanctified with the flavours of home.

Straits Chinese

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Backed by a team of culinary experts, Amici might be boutique, but not one of mediocrity. Looking for a traditional buffet spread for a tea ceremony reception? Amici is on it. Fancy a top-of-the-line wedding menu that reflects a lap of luxury? Done, alongside a live cooking station to satisfy every craving under the sun. Amici curates both Eastern and Western cuisines in three separate packages to choose from: Romance, Everlasting and Blissful. Each one laying on a wide selection of dishes. Their exceptional culinary crafts are seen in the Asian and Western hot entrées, including mouth-watering picks like the wok sautéed basa fish and mediterranean ratatouille. To sweeten the blissful occasion, a dessert bar with assorted choux pastries at your disposal.

Amici catering

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