Best Spanish restaurants that serve good paella in Singapore

Best Spanish restaurants that serve good paella in Singapore

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Text: Jean Chua

If there's one one-pan dish we can all get behind, it has to be paella. Even if you're admittedly not a fan of Spanish grub, paella sees an aromatic amalgamation of short-grain rice plastered together with herbs, spices, and a solid base of stock. Sounds just like what any Asian can resonate with. Lucky for Singapore, we own a few authentic options — here's our shortlist below.

Pura Brasa

Fans of spanish food would definitely have heard of Pura Brasa, the go-to place for authentic Spanish cuisine in Singapore. With a total of six restaurants in Spain, Singapore is Pura Brasa’s first branch overseas. Apart from the warm and cozy ambience of the place — including an alfresco option — their dishes are also extremely tasty. Their seafood paella comes close to being a signature dish — every grain of rice is steeped in flavour, having thoroughly soaked up the thick seafood broth, then topped off with succulent prawns, peas and cuttlefish.

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5 Wallich St, #01-16, Tel: 6386 9678
Opening hours: (Mon-Sun) 12-11pm

FOC Sentosa

Enjoy a truly sensational gastronomic experience at FOC Sentosa, an idyllic Mediterranean getaway where you'll be able to indulge in scrumptious paella by the sea — away from the hustle and bustle from the city life. Everything is superb here, but the paellas are definitely not to be missed. And while the squid ink paella is their signature dish, other alternatives would cater to different preferences given that they also serve iberico pork paella and vegetarian paella.



110 Tanjong Beach Walk, Tel: 6100 1102

Opening hours: (Wed-Sun) 11am-10.30pm


This rustic Spanish Bar, Binomio features a unique duo concept of housing an elegant fine dining area and a casual tapas bar. They pride themselves on serving a feast — made for the eyes. Expect their menu to change at least four times a year depending on available seasonal ingredients. Have a taste of their chicken and seafood paella, the first paella on the list to bridge the taste of poultry meat together with seafood on a single pan.


Craig Place, #01-02, 20 Craig Road, Tel: 6557 0547

Opening hours: (Mon-Fri) 12-2pm, 5.30-10pm, (Saturday) 5.30-10pm, (Sunday) 12-3pm, 5.30-9.30pm

Next Door Spanish Cafe

Easties rejoice — here lies a charming space in the quaint neighborhood of Siglap. Set up by two Spaniards with the dream of recreating Spain with food, wine and culture in Singapore, a taste of the dishes at Next Door Spanish Cafe is sure to transport you to Spain... without even having to board a plane. Despite opening their doors in such a difficult year like 2020, there was quite a fanfare, which till this day, have not died down. Seafood cravings? Paella de Langosta (lobster paella) will do the trick. For a heady mix of meat? The Paella de Pollo y Chorizo (chicken and chorizo paella) would definitely hit the spot.

699 E Coast Rd, Tel: 8168 4009

Opening hours: (Mon-Thurs) 5-10.30pm, (Fri-Sun) 12-10.30pm

Tapas Club

It might seem like Spanish food is on the pricier end, and if you want to enjoy good food without breaking the bank, Tapas Club is the place to go for affordable yet scrumptious spanish food. With premium ingredients from Spain and authentic Spanish cuisine recipes, it's safe to say your tastebuds will be awakened. If you aren't afraid to get your lips coated in black sauce, then have a go at their squid ink paella, an elegant twist on the traditional hybrid seafood paella.

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78 Airport Blvd, #03 - 220/221/222, Tel: 6602 8081
Opening hours: (Mon-Fri) 12–2:30pm, 5–10:30pm, (Sat &Sun) 12-10.30pm

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