Best mooncakes in Singapore 2020: InterContinental Singapore's Peranakan flavours, TWG Tea's fragrant snowskin, and more

Best mooncakes in Singapore 2020: InterContinental Singapore's Peranakan flavours, TWG Tea's fragrant snowskin, and more

A cake like no other

Text: Janice Sim

Behold the almighty dome that has preceded countless of modern delicacies in the name of Mid-Autumn festival — the mooncake. A pastry well-oiled with a firm base, a generous spill of fillings, and last but not least, good intentions in salutations for the heart-warming occasion. At this moment? You'll probably find yourself spoiled for choice with a slew of restaurants, hotels, and even other establishments putting their own spin on the iconic snack. So to make things easier, we've narrowed down our personal favourites in this list below — along with the best things to pair it with.

InterContinental Singapore

Embracing the vein of heritage is a box of these snowskin mooncakes from InterContinental Singapore's Man Fu Yuan, by going a step further in a series of Peranakan dessert flavours — sealed in a nifty tingkat.

Intercon tingkat

Encased within the restaurant's signature rose silhouette, are layers of sweet, aromatic concoctions like Gula Melaka with Red Bean, and Pulut Hitam, where dark glutinous rice meets candied longan and coconut. There was also consistency that we appreciated — the overlap of coconut, found in Pandan and Coconut Kaya, concealing a special jam made from coconut kaya and pandan. The king of it all, had to be the Durian Pengat (we might be slightly biased on this) with a blend of durian cream, gula melaka, and butterfly pea. With rich, textured flavours all around, it's the kind of indulgent sphere best enjoyed with your loved ones.

Pairing of choice: A hot Americano


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The mooncakes here bode their own pretty name — of which we are gunning for Illumination and Serenity, from the selection of the tea-infused snowskins. The former is a full black beauty, concealing a paste of Breakfast Yuzu tea infused white and brown lotus with a milk chocolate heart. There's also a mandarin orange confit to pare back the sweetness of the paste. The latter is decked in a glorious yellow shell, filled with a Coconut Tea and pandan infused white and brown lotus paste as well as white chocolate pearls and roasted coconut just to rub off a tinge of smokiness.

Pairing of choice: Tea, of course. We opt for TWG Tea's Sky Lantern Tea.

TWG Tea Snoskin mooncakes

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St Regis Singapore

Charcoal snowskins might have earned quite the superfluous reputation but St Regis' Yan Ting's proves it is more than just a seasonal gimmick. First off, there's black sesame paste and and indulgent caramel sea salt truffle, marrying salty and sweet into one singular bite. A pick that's pared back? We loved the creation laden with honey purple sweet potato paste. spiked with a bright dollop of orange yuzu truffle.

Pairing of choice: A fizzy bubbly

St Regis

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Mandarin Oriental Singapore

Here's to our first love: the baked mooncake. Mandarin Oriental's Cherry Garden revisits the time-honoured classic with tea infusions. The black fermented pick, Lugu Oolong is hard to miss - with a robust play on the fragrant pastry. In contrast to that, there's a snowskin option - decked with fruity oolong married with dried apricot and pumpkin seeds. A delectable sweet alternative to remind us that there's a lot of fun to be had with this annual festival.

Pairing of choice: The Macallan Double Cask 18-year-old

Mandarin Oriental

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