Best meal replacement options in Singapore: Sustenance, ALOHA, Ample and more

Best meal replacement options in Singapore: Sustenance, ALOHA, Ample and more

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Text: Azrin Tan

Be honest: between snoozing your alarm to get that extra ten minutes in, choosing an outfit, and donning your best face for the day, you're often left rushing out of the house with just enough time before you'll be considered late for your 9 to 5. So...breakfast? It often takes a backseat and coffee aside, lunch ends up being your first proper meal of the day. So enter meal replacements. They're exactly what they claim to be — a good sub for a normal meal in your regular day. They're mostly powder drinkables; mix it in with water and voilà, you've got your calorie intake settled. Typically loaded with sufficient amounts of vitamins and nutrients, each aims to maintain your intake at a desirable amount and well, are probably a ton healthier than that McDonalds breakfast bundle you might have ended up getting on the go instead.

But don't get us wrong, they're not meant to replace every meal of the day. After all, while they do provide a semblance of 'balance' in your meal, they're obviously not going to be as effective as eating real fruits and vegetables that contain a lot more good stuff than we think. But if you're looking for something to supplement your missed breakfasts on some of those days, or you simply need something to keep your daily calorie count more stable, here's the best meal replacement options to get started on, stat.


Sustenance's Essential Meal Shakes are honestly everything you actually need in a meal. They pride themselves for the realness of their meals — meaning, no artificial nutrition in their bags. Completely plant-based and vegan, their meals are created from natural produce such as brown rice, chia seeds, and acai berries, just to make sure you're getting the full stock of nutrition that's worth your buck. To quote them — it's the closest you'll actually come to a home cooked meal.

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If you've got weight loss goals, this might be your best bet. Their Whey Protein's got 17g of quality protein packed in — which is crucial to boost muscle growth. Of course, the standard programme of carbs, fibre and all the essential vitamins that you do need such as iron and zinc are included — all in just 200 calories per serving. Just what you need after an intense workout. Oh, and it comes in some pretty sweet flavors too: think caramel and banana flavoured meals for the post-session gain.

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Ample's Original Complete Meal Shake is another one that's made from purely whole foods such as sweet potato powder and whole grain oats. But the main thing about Ample? Their main goals — to reduce inflammation, improve gut health, and minimise insulin spikes. This is especially important to those just coming out from a workout, just so they don't go through poor digestion when they ingest meal subs. The shakes are gluten and soy-free, hold no artifice, and are set to last you for a little over four hours.

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If you're like the some of us who prefer munching down on something rather than drinking it all up, opt for a protein bar. But not just any bar. ALOHA's plant-based options make sure to offer a balanced ratio of the magic three: carbs, protein, and fat content. You can think of them like granola bars — but rest assured that these were created more for your nutrition than an enjoyable binge. It's perfect for vegans or those who need gluten-free or soy-free options too. Granted it's only 240 calories a bar though, so the ideal situation would be if you could pair it with some yoghurt or dip.

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