Best Korean BBQ restaurants in Singapore: Pujim, O.bba, Chang Korean, Seoul Restaurant, and more

Best Korean BBQ restaurants in Singapore: Pujim, O.bba, Chang Korean, Seoul Restaurant, and more

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Text: Cheryl Lai-Lim

From extensive K-Beauty routines to addictive dramas, we love them all. But what we're especially hungry for (most of the time) has to be Korean BBQ. It is basically, meat paradise — with the likes of pork belly, short ribs, beef brisket, marinated chicken etc, all grilled to perfection. Cut through the fat with some alcohol like soju or beer, as well as a variety of banchan (Korean side dishes), and you're in for a satisfying meal. To get you sorted for your next barbeque night, we've gathered five exceptional outlets that does Korean BBQ best in Singapore. Rally your squad of five.

Pujim BBQ

Owned by a Busan native, Pujim BBQ has a groovy vibe with its purple neon signs and dim interior. The quality and cut of the meat at Pujim is superior. If you're dining in a group of four to five, consider the Pujim Shovel, which is made up of premium A4 Wagyu ribeye, Prime Black Angus boneless short ribs, Iberico pork collar and rib finger, and Duroc pork belly. Impeccable service is also another bonus at Pujim, with its staff handling and grilling your meat to sizzling perfection.

82 Amoy St, Tel: 6224 1588
Opening hours: 4.30pm-11pm


A much loved restaurant for good reason, O.BBa is well-known amongst Korean food lovers in Singapore. Whilst their jjajangmyeon (blackbean noodles) is undisputed, their Korean BBQ is no slouch either. The meat selection is well varied and of high-quality, and their generous portion sizes will keep you bursting at the seams. The long queues snaking around the restaurant is a strong testament to its menu. We recommend going way early to avoid long queues during peak hours — especially for dinner.

63 Tg Pagar Rd, Tel: 6222 0840
Opening hours: 11.30am-4pm, 5pm-11:30pm (closed on Tuesdays)

Chang Korean BBQ Restaurant

Centered on a blend of modern and traditional, Chang Korean BBQ serves authentic Korean classics that are sure to satisfy any cravings initiated from your last Kdrama episode. Top notch cuts meet a charcoal grill — handed by the attentive staffers here. The result is a smoky, tender bite, after bite, after bite.

71 Loewen Rd, #01-01, Tel: 6473 9005
Opening hours: (Sun-Thu) 12pm-3pm, 6pm-10pm, (Fri-Sat) 12pm-3pm, 6pm-10.30pm

8 Korean BBQ

Hailing from California, 8 Korean BBQ is a trendy joint known for their eponymous 8 Colours Set, featuring eight different flavours of marinated pork belly. Flavours range from traditional Korean red pepper paste to more adventurous ones like curry and miso flavours. If you're looking for meat other than pork, opt for the Japanese Wagyu or the Korean grilled squid.

8 Korean BBQ is located at 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, #02-79/90, Singapore 059817, and Shaw Centre, #04-20/21, Tel: 8692 1188
Opening hours: (Mon-Fri) 11.30am-2.30pm, 5.30pm-10.30pm, (Sat-Sun) 11.30am-10.30pm

Seoul Restaurant

Located on the third floor of Regent Singapore, this upscale Korean BBQ Restaurant provides a hearty spread of premium meat cuts. Aside the usual offerings of beef, pork and chicken, seafood lovers can enjoy marinated eels and grilled mackerels. Seoul Restaurant also uses a charcoal grill, infusing a distinct smoky flavour to the meat. Stuff yourself silly with succulent bites of meat and wash it all down with the extensive list of Korean liquour they have available.

Regent Singapore #03-02, Tel: 6338 8548
Opening hours: (Mon-Fri) 12.30pm-2.30pm, 5.30pm-10.30pm, (Sat-Sun) 12.30pm-3pm, 5.30pm-10.30pm

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