Best healthy meal plan subscriptions to sign up for: YOLO, Yummybros, Nutrition Kitchen and more

Best healthy meal plan subscriptions to sign up for: YOLO, Yummybros, Nutrition Kitchen and more

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Let's be real: the work-life balance is actually pretty tough. Suddenly, you're expected to be able to manage your finances, plan a full-bodied fitness regime, and even cook up your own decent dinner (and no, we don't mean instant noodles). Whilst cooking a healthy and delicious meal for yourselves may be the utopian ideal, not all of us actually have the time, or well, the energy to accomplish it after a long day at work. And meal prep? Unless you're that one organised, diligent soul in your friend group, you probably don't have it in you to do it every weekend. Our solution? Meal plan subscriptions. Yes, these plans will be your saving grace: not only will you be getting properly balanced and nutritious meals to help maintain your coveted diet, but they'll even be delicious enough for you to keep asking for more. Below, we've sourced some of the most well-curated meal plan subscriptions that'll have you riding the healthier beat in no time.


As per their tagline — it's healthy eating made convenient. With varying meal plans to suit different diet goals such as losing weight, or eating a low-carb diet, YOLO has your healthy eating covered from top to bottom. They've even portioned out the appropriate amount of calories that you should opt for depending on gender and lifestyle habits. Of course, you have full autonomy over delivery dates — giving you the option of opting for the meal plans on the days you know you'll be too tired to even lift a finger.

Find out more about YOLO here.


Right from the get-go, Grain offers the element of choice. It incorporates a multitude of different dish and ingredient options, and even a decent range of vegetarian picks to choose from. Their claim to wholesome ingredients from around the world ultimately ensures you're consuming textures and flavors that are just as varied, in terms of taste and culinary style — something that might be a rarer find amidst home meal deliveries.

Find out more about Grain here.


Here's one that really takes care of your calories. Not only are their meal options healthily catered to our homegrown palate, but they've even got an exclusive meal calculator for you to experiment with the different ingredient additions in your meal. This way, you'll be privy to the exact amount of calories you'll be consuming for the specific meal choice. This is accompanied with a simple guide you can follow to understand your diet requirements for the different goals you are attempting to achieve.

Find out more about Yummybros here.


Want a decent mix of variety, nutrition, taste, and have it all at a relatively decent price point? Then you might want to opt for AMGD's plans as they're set to offer you a range of bento boxes, bowls and even all-day breakfast options to make sure you're fully set for the day. Their meal plans go according to a pass system — you're basically paying for what you'll receive, and there are pretty affordable options that you can opt for. Their meals are also indicative of the number of calories, making sure you're aware of what your consumption meter is.

Find out more about AMGD here.

Nutrition Kitchen

Possibly the best combination of taste, nutrition and high quality food, here is Nutrition Kitchen. Part of their mission is ultimately to make healthy eating something that is sustainable and accessible, and on that front they do deliver. Their meal plans are designed by body composition experts, and that means to say they're making sure it's the real deal  — catered to your daily lifestyle habits. And over here in Nutrition Kitchen, you're paying a premium for seamless flow: with easy selection of meal plans, the number of your meals that you do want delivered, and most importantly, the assurance that you'll get your food delivered fresh on the daily.

Find out more about Nutrition Kitchen here.

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