Best executive set lunches in Singapore

Best executive set lunches in Singapore

Fast (luxe) food

Text: Janice Sim

In a world where time is money, it's hard to afford a long, languid lunch. Of course, we don't mean going off the rail to schedule a business meeting at Maccas. That's not exactly the fast food we had in mind. What you need is a presentable meal (i.e. evident food plating), where no one needs to worry about the complex dynamics of sharing portions or waste time deliberating the chance of dessert. So let these snappy, fuss-free set lunches be of service.

Alma by Juan Amador

We're still a little surprised to write these words: One-Michelin-star restaurant Alma Juan Amador has a three-course set lunch priced at $39++. Highlights on the East-meets-West menu by chef Haikal include crispy tofu with wild mushrooms and foie gras emulsion, grilled barramundi marinated in miso and fish stock, honey-glazed and sous vided duck breast with homemade tortellini, and a mandarin orange dessert served atop cream cheese. Wine pairings are also available if you'll like a mid-day treat.

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$39 for three courses, $55 for four courses and $88 for five courses
Time window: 12 noon to 2:30pm


It's a stunning restaurant in every aspect: Five-star service, gorgeous waterfront views and a vibrant menu that proves that handmade pastas and the freshest produce makes for sensational Italian food. Part of their new "Colapranzo" menu (derived from Italian words "colazione" [breakfast] and "pronzo" [lunch]), Monti's new set lunches are fancy enough for corporate and special, romantic affairs, with starters like raw red tuna over Tuscan bread and burratina with heirloom tomatoes, and mains including slow-cooked beef short rib and house-made spaghetti with cured pork belly. We don't know about you, but the fruity desserts - honey mango panna cotta and tropical fruit platter with ice cream - are impossible to resist, especially in this sweltering heat.  

Burratina and Heirloom Tomatoes at Monti Singapore

$39 for two courses, $45 for three courses
Time window: 12 noon to 2:30pm


Apart fom sating their crowd with delicious cocktails, the grandiose plaza that is ATLAS also serves up an ever-changing set lunch. This July and August, the theme is Italian — more specifically Piedmont, Italy's second largest region. Expect indulgent plates like cold sliced veal to start with and for moreish mains, rainbow trout in herb butter sauce. There's also a wine pairing option, if you're up for it.

Executive set lunches in Singapore

$38 for two courses or $48 for three courses
Time window: 11.30am-3pm


24 levels off the lobby of Shangri-La Hotel is where Nami resides. The prestigious Japanese restaurant has always been revered for stellar omakase and exceptional sashimi, and has now recently rolled out a new set lunch menu. Grounded in the unami flavours of dashi, the tantalising choices are simple and straight to the point — pan-fried beef in dashi sauce coupled with dashi-flavoured rice, soba in mackerel dashi broth and udon in sardine dashi broth. Each set comes lavished with seasonal appetisers, chawanmushi and assorted tempura. Tray of dreams? We think so.  

Executive set lunches in Singapore

$35 ++ per set
Time window: 12pm-2pm

Tippling Club

Don't let Tippling Club's inventive "gummy bears" fool you into assuming that it is incapable of serving real food. Chef Ryan Clift is the brain behind the ever-evolving menu here. More than just bar grub, they do a mean set lunch, which goes through a revamp every month. This July, choose from courses like Scottish blue mussels, lamb racks, and a souffle made with white miso and vanilla.  

Executive set lunches in Singapore

$46++ for two courses, $60++ for three courses
Time window: 12pm-2.45pm


On days when your tummy aches for a bowl of pasta to fill the void, Zafferano is here to serve. Sticking to what they do best — that is, dishing out hearty, authentic Italian food, you can dig into classics like beef ragout pasta and pesto dumplings. There are also antipasti options, comprising of fresh seafood and succulent meats.

Executive set lunches in Singapore

$42 for two courses, $52 for three courses
Time window: 11am-2.30pm

The Spot

The bustling multi-concept venue takes on many hats. From breakfast to-gos to dinner and drinks, this spot has it all. Come lunch, diners can opt for a delightful dynamic — one that's anchored in European techniques and tweaked with Asian flavours. Our favourites from the lot? The baby squid and local skate fish with pearl rice risotto. Also, leave room for dessert. We hear they have licorice root ice-cream.

Executive set lunches in Singapore

$30 ++ for two courses, $38 for three courses
Time window: 11.30am-2pm