How to make a berry coconut smoothie

How to make a berry coconut smoothie


Text: Janice Sim

A quick healthy fix to combat crazy mornings

The best way to eat your fruits and veggies? Blend it all together in a smoothie. It's delicious, healthy, and does the job of keeping you sated for awhile — all you need is five minutes and an excellent blender. Kickstart your mornings or treat your post-workout self with this recipe from our buddies at Lorna Jane, which features a delightful mix of berries, bananas and coconut yoghurt. God only knows how much we all need a quick energy boost by the hour...

Berry coconut smoothie: Here's what you need
*Serves 2

2 Bananas, diced and frozen
100g Raspberries, frozen
100g Strawberries, frozen
100g Coconut Yoghurt
Fresh Fruit, for garnish 

Berry coconut smoothie: How to make it 

1. For the bottom layer, blend together one banana and strawberries until smooth. Pour this into your jar.
2. Divide the coconut yoghurt between your two jars on top of the strawberry jar.
3. For the top layer, blend together the remaining banana and raspberries and blend until smooth. Pour this over the coconut yoghurt and garnish with fresh fruit.

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