This local microbrewery lets you personalise your own beers

This local microbrewery lets you personalise your own beers

What's your flavour?

Text: Janice Sim

We'll gladly take 10 bottles with our names on it, please

Call us a stickler for ownership, but having a bespoke item designed for you outweighs anything else created for any Tom, Dick and Harry. It's special, thoughtful and more importantly — it has your mark on it.   

Singapore-based craft brewery, Trouble Brewing concurs, and pledges their services to creating high-quality beers, entirely up for personalisation. From the design of the bottle right down to the taste of the ale, you're free to tailor-make your own tipple — whether it be for the office, client gifting or to serve at corporate events. Beers can be procured via a subscription service, where you lucky office folk can receive a consistent flow of branded brew or through a one-off order for special occasions.

Beer Trouble Brewing service

The bespoke service is just the tip of the iceberg. Trouble Brewing was birthed out of the desire to marry strong branding with top quality beer. Made fresh locally, the craft brewery offers a full suite of house brews boasting of American-style lager, summer ale, dry stout and Dutch pilsner, amongst many other thirst-quenchers that you can choose or concoct your own elixir from. 

Beer Trouble Brewing service

Want to hand out bottles with your company's logo on it? Go crazy. A customised keg at your upcoming house party? Very impressive. Move over generic favourites, these beers are made just for you. 

Personalise your very own beer with Trouble Brewing here. 

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