Love seafood? Bayswater Kitchen will hit the spot

Love seafood? Bayswater Kitchen will hit the spot

Communal creations

Text: Amelia Chia

The Privé Group celebrates its 10th anniversary with this new venture, and it's all every seafood lover could ask for

Over at Bayswater Kitchen, expect chilled-out vibes, communal tables, sharing plates, and zero pretense. The Privé Group's latest restaurant is absolutely buzzing — and there's good reason why. Located on the waterfront at Keppel Bay Vista next to Privé Café, this bright, airy space is decked out nautical-style, with everything from a boat-inspired bar to live fish and lobster tanks, and a dedicated area to foosball and ping-pong.

"It's a casual and happy dining experience, featuring a seafood centric menu that is approachable," says Yuan Oeij, chairman of The Privé Group, which is also behind Privé, Bang Bang, and Lulu's Lounge, to name a few. "We recognise that dining is a very social experience, so we wanted to make sure the whole concept is as such."

bayswater kitchen, Prive group

The menu is crafted for sharing, and some of their finger-licking grub include their version of fish & chips, served with shoestring potatoes and crushed peas, as well as a beautiful chargrilled octopus, paired with smoked roe, gremolata, and Borlotti beans. Think of it as fresh spin on traditional seafood dishes. You won't find salmon with a side of vegetables here, but what you will devour is a Japanese mackerel tartare and a butter-roasted cauliflower topped with parmesan and an unlikely choice of hazelnut pesto — and it works.

Bayswater kitchen, Prive group

Chef Jack Allibone, previously of Angler in London, has a knack for packing in flavour and adding in the right amount of crunch and relief. One of our favourite dishes, the beef agnolotti (like a ravioli, but smaller in size) is cooked with parmesan, smoked bone marrow, and leek — the latter ingredient a clever way to balance the rich flavour profile of the dish.

Oeij's must-try dish at Bayswater Kitchen is the Fisherman's Feast, a mouth-watering mix of lobster, prawns, mussels, fish, and hand-rolled linguine tossed in a tomato-based seafood stock. He explains: "I associate seafood with comfort food and family bonding, and the Fisherman's Feast is exactly that — it's hearty and communal all at once."

Prive group, bayswater kitchen

"My perfect meal is with loved ones; to be able to eat your favourite food with a sense of abundance — good wines, pretty tableware, and a nice environment," adds Oeij, who loves cooking, in particular whipping up a rustic meal in his own kitchen.

The launch of Bayswater Kitchen ties in with The Privé Group's 10th year anniversary, and the happy venue is ticking all the right boxes for us thus far. Don't leave without trying their delectable desserts — the chocolate bar with hazelnut praline is dense, but left us salivating after. If you're after something lighter, the whipped 'cheesecake' with passionfruit, lime, and shortbread is culinary genius from Chef Allibone.

We're tipping it'll be packed to the rafters in weeks to come, so make an early reservation, and bring your best crew. You can thank us later.

For more information or to make a reservation, visit Bayswater Kitchen.