Bars that have natural, organic and biodynamic wines in Singapore

Bars that have natural, organic and biodynamic wines in Singapore

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Text: Crystal Lee

Natural, back-to-basic wines, like mindfulness and meditation, are having a moment. They're nothing new — raw vinos have been gathering force since the 1980s, according to Eater, to "(defy) against the wine industry's ideals of the day" — but with the rise in natural-wine availability across the world in the last couple of years, this curious class of booze has started to infiltrate the wine lists of Singapore's top restaurants and bars.

Broadly speaking, natural wines are made with little or zero intervention, without chemicals or preservatives, and usually come in small batches. While they are sometimes contested amongst winemakers and geeks, organic and biodynamic labels generally fall under the spectrum of natural wines, with each following a different set of winemaking principles. In a nutshell, organic wines eschew chemicals, and biodynamic farming involves following the phases of the moon.

The result to this au-naturale approach? Wines that are commonly referred to as wild, alive, and highly drinkable by makers and producers. Some fans even say that they help ease hangovers. Below, peruse our favourite spots in Singapore for exploring the weird and wonderful world of natural wines:

Bar Cicheti

Turns out natural wines and pastas make a seriously-good pairing. Here, you'll get handmade pastas, robust Italian flavours, and a rather decent list of chemical-free vinos sourced from small-batch producers.



10 Jiak Chuan Road, Singapore 089264
Opening hours: (Tue-Sat) 12pm-2:30pm, (Mon-Sat) 6pm-10:30pm

Drunken Farmer

Currently based at TBB Safari, this travelling natural wine bar concept by Spa Esprit Group features 90-odd labels from all around the world, with the likes of Australia, France and South Africa. Varieties include white, orange, red and bubblies. Follow Drunken Farmer on Instagram to keep up with its movements.



130E Minden Road, Tel: 6877 4876
Opening hours: (Wed-Fri) 6am-11pm

Le Bon Funk

This elusive bar down on Club Street prides themselves on curating a haute list of natural wines. Expect pours by the glass to change daily; altered based on the day's climate or mood and energy of the space.



29 Club Street, Tel: 6224 1490
Opening hours: (Tue-Sat) 5.30pm-12am


Short for Wine Revolution, this deceivingly low-key watering hole (which our chef-friend Bjorn Shen counts as one of his favourite bars) has over 100 natural wines in its collection, thanks to the love its sommelier-founders have for sustainable, chemical-free stuff. There's no menu; all its bottles are on display and there's only one white and one red by the glass. Its offerings change constantly — wine-by-the-glass on a daily basis — so come here for the discovery.


38 Carpenter Street, Tel. 9679 5166
Opening hours: (Mon-Sat) 5.30pm-late