Bacha Coffee's first international outlet: A boutique cafe at ION Orchard that offers over 200 kinds of coffee and Moroccan cuisine

Bacha Coffee's first international outlet: A boutique cafe at ION Orchard that offers over 200 kinds of coffee and Moroccan cuisine

Fit for royalty

Text: Evan Mua

For many of us, coffee is as much of a fundamental need as oxygen. Perhaps more than that nowadays, as the local palate has evolved to expect higher quality with the café scene's rapid evolution. This has also sparked a trend of international franchises looking to expand into the region through our city, including a particularly exciting and exotic debutant Bacha Coffee. After a 60-year hiatus, this storied coffee institution from Morocco established in 1910 will be opening their first outlet outside of Marrakech at ION Orchard on our shores.

Bacha Coffee Interior

Their affluent history has been eloquently translated over to the ION boutique, with marble floor tiles and dazzling chrome displays of geometric designs that reflect the same ethos from the original outlet housed inside the Dar el Bacha palace. All of that is complemented by a gorgeous suite of crockery, including some silver cups that meant sipping with our pinkies up.Bacha Coffee coffee pots

However, what really blew us away was their overwhelming coffee selection with over 200 types of coffees. To avoid caffeine overdose, we only sampled a small fraction of the entire selection, but discovered a few gems. First was Sidamo Mountain, a single origin from Ethiopia with an intensely full-bodied profile which gave way to dainty floral notes that built an underlying complexity; the other was the Royal Pistachio flavoured coffee (yes, good flavoured coffee exists), a decadent blend of the complementary fragrant profiles from coffee and pistachio. Did we mention they roast their own coffee in Singapore? An indicator of utmost dedication to freshness and quality that would make coffee purists swoon.

Bacha coffee food

Another thing that sets Bacha apart from other cafés is undoubtedly their food selection, a welcoming departure from the standard brunch fare. Staying true to their Moroccan roots, Middle Eastern fare dominates the menu our hearts were stolen by the chicken pastilla's combination of flavourful chicken and crispy pastry, the brazen spiced-laden flavours of the barramundi tajine and an unbelievably refreshing cucumber tzatziki with pieces of juicy watermelon.

Bacha coffee snacks

With a sentiment that Middle Eastern cuisine might prove to be too esoteric, the boutique also offers more typical café fare, with a particularly impressive croissant selection that included pistachio and orange fillling ones, as well as coffee cakes. But to really conquer the diverse food menu and seemingly endless coffee selection here, one would need a second visit. We have already planned our next one.

2 Orchard Turn, #01-15/16 ION Orchard Mall, Tel: 6363 1910
Opening hours: 10am-10pm