Ash & Elm: An Instagram round-up of their semi-buffet lunch

Buffet, anyone?

Ash & Elm: An Instagram round-up of their semi-buffet lunch
Because feasting with your eyes is just as important as tasting with your tongue

What is it about buffets that brings out the worst in people? I have seen a man call for 12 freshly shucked oysters, only to bring them over to the egg station and demand for the poor chef to turn it into orh luak

Thankfully, when we dropped by Ash & Elm to devour their new semi-buffet lunch offerings, we were on our best behaviour. Yes, we did turn some heads when we placed our plates on the floor just so we could photograph them (pixel proof below), but it could be worse — we didn't bust out the selfie sticks or hijack anyone's dish. 

Cheese and charcuterie room at Ash & Elm

To call it a semi-buffet is a bit of an understatement. It wasn't just soup, salad, and a smattering of dessert on offer. We ate our way through a whole cheese and charcuterie room, filled our plates with appetisers, and hunkered down with hot bowls of seafood chowder. There was even a chocolate fountain to transform morsels of fruit into something more sinful. 

At $38, the semi-buffet spread was already a hearty meal in itself. But we opted to order a main course each for an additional $10. From flatbreads baked in a wood-fired oven to Scottish salmon fillets, the chefs certainly weren't holding back on portion control. 

Below, the highlights from our meal, as immortalised on our Instagram accounts.

Vanessa Caitlin, photo editor | @vcluxe
"The restaurant might be known for its steak, but I decided to be a bit of a rebel and go for fish instead. My gamble paid off — the cod was delectable and no one else had the chance to try it as I polished it off in minutes."

Ash & Elm

Dora Aljoofri, fashion editor | @doraljoofri
"I'd missed yet another chance to have crêpes in Paris during Fashion Week. So when I saw that Ash & Elm served crêpes for dessert, my taste buds were satiated. Did I mention how I was able to run wild with the toppings and ice creams?"

Ash & Elm

Norman Tan, editor-in-chief | @musingmutley 
"Sweet potato and crispy strips of bacon — what's there not to love? A unique combination that had me salivating at the thought, and then left me wanting more after it was all hoovered down. Posted on Instagram. Naturally. And then DMs flooded in asking me for the recipe."

Ash & Elm

Andrea Sim, fashion writer | @andreasimjz

"Sweet treats to round off an indulgent spread — but not without some fruit to balance out the sugary goodness."

Ash & Elm

Angelyn Kwek, editorial intern | @tuesday_alibi
"Breaded chicken cutlet, generous servings of potato wedges and creamy cauliflower gratin —this is a plateful of golden goodness that's a feast for the eyes and belly."

Ash & Elm

Adibah Isa, culture editor | @adibah.isa
"Talk about culinary theatres — I loved the Charcuterie & Cheese room, a special room cordoned off by glass doors. With a selection of cheeses, cured meats, rillettes and cured and dried veggies (I'm sucker for treated tomatoes and artichokes), I kept coming back for seconds. And thirds. And fourths. You get the picture."

Ash & Elm

Ash & Elm. Level 1 InterContinental Singapore. 80 Middle Road. Tel: 6825 1008

Text: Denise Kok

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