Artisanal chocolates in unusual flavours

Artisanal chocolates in unusual flavours

From bean to bar

Text: Denise Kok

Now that Mast Brothers, the darlings of the small-batch, gourmet chocolate world have fallen from grace, you're probably looking to take your dollars elsewhere. Consider these fine producers who aren't afraid to experiment with unorthodox ingredients

Ocelot Chocolate's bee pollen & mango bar

ocelot chocolate bee pollen and mango

The brand: Run by Matt and Ish, a married couple that wouldn't look out of place in Kinfolk, the Edinburgh-based Ocelot Chocolate takes pride in using only the highest grade organic and fair-trade produce in their chocolate. Taking the craft movement even further, they also draw and design the packaging themselves. 

Your guilty pleasure: Scottish bee pollen takes pride of place here alongside organic mango chunks that provide a sweet burst of the tropics. This dark chocolate bar is made with cacao beans, cacao butter, and raw cane sugar — all of which are organic, of course. 


Omnom Chocolate's dark milk & burned sugar bar

OmNom dark milk burned sugar chocolate

The brand: Iceland is known for their progressive stance on LGBT issues, whale meat, and now — artisanal chocolate. Omnom Chocolate started off running their operations from a disused gas station (hipster alert) and continue to churn out their chocolate in small batches. When it comes to milk, only the purest Icelandic milk goes into their bars. 

Your guilty pleasure: Organic cacao beans from the Dominican Republic form the backdrop for a sinful union between buttermilk, toffee, and oh-so-slightly smoked caramel. We'll take burnt sugar over salted caramel any day.


Cacaosuyo's quinoa milk chocolate bar

cacaosuyo milk chocolate

The brand: These guys have set out to make the best chocolate one can find in Peru and spare no effort in seeking out rare and undiscovered cacao varieties across the land. Their colourful packaging is also a nod to traditional Peruvian textiles. 

Your guilty pleasure: Yes, quinoa has found its way into chocolate. Is this superfood bent on world domination? We think so. For Peru-based Cacaosuyo, the marriage of chocolate and quinoa made perfect sense as they form two of the country's famed natural products. Quinoa, in this instance, is added to give the bar a satisfying crunch.


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