Artisanal Chinese New Year snacks in Singapore: Where to get handmade bakes and treats for your home visits

Artisanal Chinese New Year snacks in Singapore: Where to get handmade bakes and treats for your home visits

Feasting season

Text: Niharika Murali

While we are still reeling in from the post-countdown festivities of — what we like to call — the last decade, another string of celebrations are coming our way this month. A breather? Not just yet, as Chinese New Year is just around the corner. As fulfilling it may be to serve your guests snacks that you have personally hand-crafted, it is no doubt a Herculean task to undertake, and let's just be honest, not all of us were born bakers. And just when you think your next best bet would be run-of-the-mill supermarket treats and mass-produced cookies that you'll see at your relative's house, our city has a good host of independent bakers in Singapore to turn to. The key is to place your orders, stat — just to procure these exquisite made-to-order CNY goodies this 2020.

Folks and Stories

Folks and Stories is a baked goods company and creative studio that started off as a university part-time project. Their seasonal butter cookies can be enjoyed not only during the CNY season, but any time of the year. Can't make up your mind between the matcha white chocolate cookies and the sea salt double chocolate cookies? Get their assorted box or three-piece lunar set.

What's cool: Quality ingredients are on the top of their priority list — only french butter, belgian chocolate couverture and Australian cream cheese are used in their confections.

Taysty Pastry

If the last thing you want is a sugar rush from your Chinese New Year snacks, try Su Wen's — the home baker of Taysty Pastry. Typically of unusual savoury offerings that celebrate local flavours. Her creations are often interpretations of flavours trending at the moment — like our city's unofficial flavour, salted egg yolk.

What's cool: Taysty Pastry recently collaborated with a fellow home-baker @ahmahzingsg to create Asam Pedas cookies — inspired by the sour and spicy fish dish itself.

Baker's Brew

Dating back to February 2015, Baker's Brew had its humble start among the quaint shophouses tucked away in Jalan Tampang. With business picking up, they have gone on to open a second studio and a studio-cafe concept at Paragon. On top of selling customised pastry and cakes, they also provide baking classes for all baking enthusiasts.

What's cool: Their Peranakan Nostalgia collection includes your favourite cookies with a modern twist of your own. Case in point, their Cheddar Spiced Gems — the colourful swirls of royal icing are infused with a hint of Cayenne pepper for a surprising flavour kick.

All Things Delicious

Talk about greatness born out of adversity — All Things Delicious was born during a time of recession. Mel, the founder, started off her business in Crawford Lane sans the fleet of fancy tools. It was her passion for baking and culinary prowess that allowed her business to take off. Her second outlet at Arab street is a bustling cafe by day that turns into a gastronomic adventure by night.

What's cool: You can never go wrong with the classics. Indulge in traditional melt-in-the-mouth sugee cookies and the crumbly-buttery goodness that are pineapple tarts. You can also customise your own hampers here.

Delcie's Desserts and Cakes

Chinese New Year snacks are rarely seen as healthy due to the scathing amount of sugar and fats that go into these delicious confections. But it doesn't always have to stay that way, as Delcie, a strong advocate for organic foods, presents vegan delights that are made using natural ingredients as well as non-sinful versions of your traditional CNY goodies. In 2016, Delicie's was ranked as one of the "Top 16 Vegan Bakeries" in the world by OneGreenPlanet organisation.

What's cool: Their hi-fiber, zero cholesterol Five Elements Oats cookies are made using flaxseed, chia seeds, coconut, pumpkin seeds and turmeric. And yes, they are also vegan and diabetes friendly.


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