Artisanal Chinese New Year snacks in Singapore: Where to get handmade bakes and treats for your home visits

Artisanal Chinese New Year snacks in Singapore: Where to get handmade bakes and treats for your home visits

Feasting season

Text: Jean Chua Niharika Murali

While we are still reeling in from the post-countdown festivities of — what we like to call — the last decade, another string of celebrations are coming our way this month. A breather? Not just yet, as Chinese New Year is just around the corner. As fulfilling it may be to serve your guests snacks that you have personally hand-crafted, it is no doubt a Herculean task to undertake, and let's just be honest, not all of us were born bakers. And just when you think your next best bet would be run-of-the-mill supermarket treats and mass-produced cookies that you'll see at your relative's house, our city has a good host of independent bakers in Singapore to turn to. The key is to place your orders, stat — just to procure these exquisite made-to-order CNY goodies this year.

Whiskit Bakery Cafe

Whiskit Bakery is a boutique bakery that specialises in local flavours — such as ondeh ondeh, orh nee and milo kao tiew. Their oneh oneh pineapple tarts come in a pandan buttered crust, while incorporating gula melaka shredded coconuts in the pineapple filling.

What's cool: To sum up the perfect gift, Whiskit offers hampers comprising of all their bestselling Chinese New Year cookies.

Absolutely Batter

Despite being a newbie to the home baking business (with an Instagram page launched last November), Absolutely Batter has already made a name for themselves with their pretty yet delish cookies constantly selling out. Touted for their versatility in customising bakes to cater to different taste preferences, you can bite into butter cookies adorned with rainbow sprinkles — perfect for occasions or s'more sandwiches when the cravings hits.

What's cool: For this year only, Absolutely Batter have crafted special treats such as mala Zai'er crisps and cheesy classic pineapple tarts.

Bloomsbury Bakers

Founded by two friends who graduated from the famed Le Cordon Bleu London Culinary School, Bloomsbury Bakers have gained a cult following over the years for their tasty bakes. Apart from their rustic whole cakes, they're also known for their Cornflake Raisin and Pork Floss Seaweed cookies.

What's cool: They have quite a knack at custom cakes — if you're thinking summing up the festivities on a sweet note with the fam bam this year.

Folks and Stories

Folks and Stories is a baked goods company and creative studio that started off as a university part-time project. Their seasonal butter cookies can be enjoyed not only during the CNY season, but any time of the year. Can't make up your mind between the matcha white chocolate cookies and the sea salt double chocolate cookies? Get their assorted box or three-piece lunar set.

What's cool: Quality ingredients are on the top of their priority list — only french butter, belgian chocolate couverture and Australian cream cheese are used in their confections.

The Sugarmill

Priding themselves on no additives and all natural ingredients, The Sugarmill churns out sweet treats sans the harmful repercussions. More importantly, you'll scoop up unconventional picks, straying away from the typical pineapple tarts and almond cookies.

What's cool: Their green pea cookies stand as the perfect vegan choice — of ground green peas, sugar, and a pinch of salt.


Wonders Bakery

While these guys from Wonders Bakery are typically lauded for their oneh oneh tarts, which reveal a generous amount of gula melaka coconut filling — we are holding out for their nutella tarts this year.

What's cool: You'll also find a plethora of children-themed custom cakes, should the need ever arise.

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