Arbikie's unconventional vodka flavours will leave you in higher spirits

Arbikie's unconventional vodka flavours will leave you in higher spirits

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Text: Rachel Ng

Smoky chilli vodka is just one of Arbikie's bottles that will set your party on fire

Scottish they may be, but these Stirling brothers are going beyond just whiskies to create some of the world’s most uniquely-flavoured gin and vodka. Launching in Singapore for the first time, Arbikie’s field-to-bottle family of spirits have arrived to add a little spice to your nightlife. The collection features three noteworthy bottles — Smoky Chilli Vodka, Kirsty’s Gin and AK’s Gin.

Arbikie's Smoky Chilli Vodka is one of its kind, featuring an earthy smokiness to the creamy tones of the potato-distilled vodka. Chipotle chillies from Scotland’s first chilli farm, Chillilicious, are soaked in their award-winning vodka to give a perfect blend of spice and flavour. Jamie Gripton, owner of The Brightside in Singapore, swears by this creation: “Their award-winning potato vodka with a kick is the perfect spirit for our twist on the classic Bloody Mary, as the heat and earthy smokiness of the chipotle are perfectly balanced.”

Arbikie, gin, vodka, potato distilled, smoky chili vodka, spirits

Kirsty’s Gin offers something a little less ferocious. Distilled from four botanicals that have been sourced on the Arbikie estate, the mix of juniper, kelp, carline thistle and blueberry work to produce a pleasant blend of vanilla and fruit sweetness. This creation has won gold at the World Spirit Awards in San Francisco and is set to win more accolades, if not your drink palate, over.  Mix it up with some sweet vermouth and campari; the earthy bitter finish will round up your typically sweet-bodied Negroni with interesting moderation. 

Arbikie, gin, vodka, potato distilled, smoky chili vodka, spirits

Award winner of ‘The World’s Best Martini’, AK’s Gin, is a spice-heavy concoction. Using black pepper, mace and cardamom together with fresh honey and wheat that has been harvested from Arbikie, the result is a honeyed sweetness elevated with woody, spicy notes. Mix it with some tonic and add a sprig of fresh thyme — the unparalled smoothness of this spirit makes it a great base for cocktails. 

Feeling a little bored of your go-to elixirs? Arbikie's creations will spruce up your classics without changing the spirit of it all. With a party of flavours like that, we can't be sure your happy hour would ever end.  

Arbikie, gin, vodka, potato distilled, Kirsty's Gin, spirits

The Arbikie family of premium spirits are now available at select venues across Singapore, including Artemis Grill, The Brightside and COMMAS.