Airlines with the best wines: Emirates, Singapore Airlines, Air France and more

Airlines with the best wines: Emirates, Singapore Airlines, Air France and more

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Text: Corinne Cheah

Long-haul flights can be daunting to the majority of us — 12 hours or more airborne with restricted movement, limited plane grub, skin-drying ordeals, and if you're really unlucky, crying children. Luckily for us, we can turn to a glass of bubbly for some solace. Not all wines are made equal and here, we shortlist four airlines that offer the best wines that you can find at 35,000 feet above the ground.


Emirates has its own vintage collection of wines that have been in storage for over ten years. Not just vintage, but a selection of old and new world wines from both reputable and up-and-coming producers across the globe is also available. Whatever you fancy on board — be it a juicy slab of steak or a hearty bowl of pasta, there is always a wine on Emirates' extensive list that will complement your meal.

Top wine selection: Dom Perignon 2004, Domaine du Vieux Telegraphe 2011 and Y de Yquem 2012 


Singapore Airlines

Singapore's overachieving spirit can be seen in Singapore Airline's wine list — having been curated by not one but three wine consultants. Even though its wine list is dependent on the route, business and first class passengers can expect Taittinger Prelude Grands Crus Champagne and Dom Perignon respectively.

Top wine selection: Dom Perignon and Krug Grande Cuvèe

Singapore Airlines

Air France

Air France is the underdog in the airline industry, having recently won the world's best wine list award 2018 held in London. Unlike most of the wine lists featured on other airlines, Air France's consist of exclusively French wines — frequently altering the list for passengers to taste an array of the lot. The French varieties chosen were tailored to the food selection on board and for their capacity to adapt to the airborne plane environment such as dry air and cabin pressure.

Top wine selection: Barsac Château Doisy-Védrines 2008, Taittinger Cuvée Comtes de Champagne Blanc de Blancs 2005

Air France

Cathay Pacific 

Not all of us can afford a wine cellar at home — but you can now drink wine from one. Cathay Pacific boasts an award-winning cellar on board with wines from both renowned and emerging regions' wine selections. In addition, the First Class wine list has added a new vintage red — Chateau Montrose 2005. Having refreshed its wine list in April, passengers in Business Class can choose to rotate between Grandes Marques Champagnes selections.

Top wine selection: Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte Blanc 2011, Chateau Bouscaut Blanc 2012, Andeluna 1300 and Malbec 2014. 


*Wine lists are dependent on routes, harvest periods and class of flights. 


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