10 microwave hacks that can make cooking and kitchen chores a lot easier

10 microwave hacks that can make cooking and kitchen chores a lot easier

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There is something so gratifying in having an object that serves more than one purpose. Not to mention, the perfect time-saver. Forget what you think you know about the microwave oven; they do more than just heating your leftover dinner from last night. Here are ten magic box hacks that will and make your life easier — and alot more interesting. 

Cook pasta

More than just rice, the microwave is a fast and efficient way to cook pasta. In a big bowl of salted water (as salty as the dead sea, please), throw in a handful or two of pasta and cover the bowl with a lid. Crank your microwave to high for about four to five minutes, warm up your sauce in the meantime and you'll have a plate of pasta ready in no time.

Defrost meat 

Defrosting meat can be a waiting game but the microwave can speed up that process. Place the frozen meat in a bowl and choose the defrosting option which is typically set at 30 percent power. Keep a watchful eye though, once frozen areas of the meat have been thawed, they cook slightly.

Stale bread

Sure, you can make croutons out of stale bread but what if we tell you that your stale bread can be soft and fluffy again. On a paper towel, place your stale bread and pop it into the microwave for about half to a full minute. Magically, stale bread will regain its moisture and be like a newly-bought loaf of fresh bread. 

Cake in a mug 

When the hunger pangs hit late at night and you have nowhere to curb that sweet tooth, you can find comfort in a quick mug of cake. All you need is a couple of ingredients that can be easily found in your kitchen, a mug and a microwave. Throw all the ingredients into the mug, and chuck it in the microwave on high for about a minute and forty seconds. 


Fry bacon strips

For something so delicious, they can be a whole lot of mess to work with. Thank God for microwaves because cooking this breakfast favorite can now be done with minimum grease splatter. On a plate, turn a bowl upside down and drape your bacon over the bowl. Cover it with a paper towel and let it cook in the microwave for at least a minute per slice. If you prefer your bacon crispy, simply leave it in the microwave for a longer time until desired crispiness.

Peel a head of garlic

Remember all the times we had to stand over the countertop peeling the skin of garlic and swearing under our breath every other minute as frustration takes over. Those days are gone and peeling garlic is now made easier with the microwave. Heat it for no more than 15 seconds and there you have it – easy to peel skinless garlic ready to go.


Cook eggs

You don't need to be a domestic goddess to be capable of serving up different styles of eggs. Make the perfect poached eggs by cracking eggs in a bowl of water and letting it cook in the microwave for 45 seconds. 

Dry herbs

There is the pain of buying an entire bunch of herbs just for a single recipe and not knowing what to do with the rest. On a piece of paper towel, place your leftover fresh herbs and let it dry in the microwave for a few seconds. Just like that, you'll have dried herbs that can be used all year round. 

Fixing soft biscuits

Your favorite Khong Guan biscuits can now be given a second chance; in the event that we fail to shut the lid tight, and with the biscuits turning out soft. To harden them again, microwave for 30 seconds and they will become crispy after they cool down.

Declump crystallized honey and brown sugar

No one likes crusty bits of crystallized honey surrounding the rim of your jars or hardened brown sugar clumped together. Remove the lid and heat the honey jar for about two minutes; everything should return to its original runny state. Cover your brown sugar with a damp towel, pop it in the microwave and you will have clump-free brown sugar. 


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