Why Japanese confectionery Yoku Moku is the gift that keeps on giving

Why Japanese confectionery Yoku Moku is the gift that keeps on giving

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Text: Rachel Ng

Yoku Moku's signature cigare butter cookies debut in delicious matcha and nutty offerings

If you’ve already had that euphoric moment of the perfect butter cookie in your mouth, it was most probably a Yoku Moku cookie. Fabled for its delectable cigare butter cookies, there's now more to anticipate with the brand's newly launched summer and limited edition offerings. Two words: Save room.


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Where do we start? Their summer collection features a total of seven handmade treats, including Yoku Moku's bestselling cigare, cigare au chocolat, and cigare au thé biscuits, while the newer additions are all about chocolate indulgence. Expect a decadent double chocolat au lait, double chocolat blanc, billet aux amandes (a langue de chat cookie topped with almond slivers for a surprising crunch) and bateau de macadamia (a rich buttery shortbread that blends sweet and savoury, packed with crushed macadamia and a layer of milk chocolate). Our personal favourite? The double chocolat au lait. Within the vanilla crunch lies a rich nutty filling that elevates the simple butter base without overwhelming the palate, while retaining the comforting lightness unique of a Japanese cookie. 

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If you're a matcha lover, Yoku Moku's trademark cigare cookie takes on a refreshing green tea spin with its limited edition cigare au matcha. Marrying its signature buttery taste and aromatic green tea into a delightful whole, the cookie is then sealed with a matcha-flavoured shell for that traditional Japanese goodness. 

All of Yoku Moku's cookies come in colourful, artfully designed metal boxes, making this an ideal, versatile gift choice. 

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Since its foray onto our shores last year, Yoku Moku has also recently welcomed a second standalone boutique in Singapore at Raffles City. The brand's second entrant will be the first to pioneer a new design concept for Yoku Moku boutiques in Singapore, offering a new experience centered on the Japanese philosophy of omotenashi (the act of hospitality). Now, instead of your traditional counters situated at the solitary corners of the store, a workshop-like packaging station takes centre stage to extend a warm welcome to its guests. The store's layout is reminiscent of an art gallery, allowing customers to move through the shop effortlessly. Backlit panels are introduced for easy browsing on the products, while shelves are systematically organised for a clear view of the entire range. 

Time to head down to pick up few Yoku Moku boxes for your friends (and yourself)? We think so. And believe us, you won't just stop at one.

Now available at Raffles City and Ion Orchard.

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