World Sleep Day 2019: Simple hacks for a good night's rest

World Sleep Day 2019: Simple hacks for a good night's rest

What's stopping you?

Text: Janice Sim

If sleep is for the weak, we'd happily concede. After all, the benefits of getting a good night's sleep include a glowing complexion, improved mood, and even weight loss. A pretty decent pay-off — considering you're literally doing nothing for about eight hours in a horizontal position.

But sometimes we wish it was that simple. These days, there are plenty of things keeping us up late at night. From Instagram to tackling the tricky 'terrible-twos', Philips' latest global sleep study found that insomnia and snoring are universal issues that impact sleep for more than one in five adults.

The problem with persistent snoring shouldn't be slighted as well. If you find yourself lying wide awake next to a snoring spouse, it's probably time to book them in for a check-up as it could be part of a bigger health condition.

So, what's a good ballpark figure for quality sleep? Philips' sleep expert say seven blissful hours in la la land. In celebration of World Sleep Day today, here are some nifty hacks listed by the pro to help you achieve your bedtime goals. 

Take a bath before bedtime

Science and psychological influences play a role in something as simple as taking a bath. A warm bath imitates a rise in temperature, which abruptly drops when you're out of the bath — sending a signal to your body that it's time to snooze. This somehow mimics the natural slight drop in body temperature before you fall asleep. 

Bring in something lavender-scented to your room

Not just pleasing to the eyes, research has found that wearing bedclothes dabbed with lavender oil help people to fall asleep easier. Alternatively, head over to your nearest Muji outlet, purchase a diffuser and lavender oil and you're set for a good night's rest. A caveat: steer clear of the use of lavender if you are pregnant as not enough is known about its effects. Lavender

Digital detox

Be careful — that bright beam of light from your smartphone can throw your body's biological clock off. If you can, abstain from fixing your eyes on your Instagram feed just before you sleep. Put away your phone and gadgets at least half an hour before bedtime, and try to sleep without them by your side.

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Turn it into a routine

The trick is to make sleep as important as your weekly yoga class or even your eating habits. Abide by the same bedtime every night as a predictable routine can help you fall asleep faster and improve your sleep quality.

Create a soothing atmosphere

Find out what works best for you when it comes to creating a conducive environment — whether it's dim lighting or a 20ºC room. Avoid using the bedroom for daytime activities like work. Playing soothing music and turning down the room temperature can help calm the senses and set a peaceful premise for a good night's sleep.

World sleep day 2018

Don't neglect your sleeping problems

Although sleep disorders are hardly discussed or treated as seriously as they should be, they're a common problem amongst men, women and even children in Singapore. If you're constantly battling insomnia or having trouble getting quality sleep, visit a GP or sleep specialist to discuss treatment strategies.  

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