VistaJet’s collaboration with Duddell’s takes dining in the skies to a whole new level

VistaJet’s collaboration with Duddell’s takes dining in the skies to a whole new level

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Text: Amelia Chia

How can anyone go back to eating out of plastic trays in economy class after this?

Tucking into a meal 40,000 feet in the sky isn't the most glamorous affair. We've all been there — eyeing a puddle of brown sauce coated over what looks like chunks of meat in a tiny plastic bowl is hardly palatable. On those ordained occasions where first or business class is on the agenda, you might get a well-cooked steak or a succulent lobster thermidor (dryness of meat or seafood debatable), which your Instagram followers will definitely get a glimpse of once you land.

VistaJet is about to take things up a notch. Get on board one of their 70 Bombardier private jets departing from Hong Kong or London in the month of September and be treated to a dining experience from Hong Kong's culinary destination, Duddell's, as you coast through azure skies. The two Michelin-starred restaurant in the heart of Central in Hong Kong is renowned for its delightful dim sum and other classic Cantonese favourites, and it's common to spot some of the city's glitzy crowd in this joint.

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The exquisite VistaJet menu features the likes of double-boiled black chicken soup with qi zi herbs and fish maw, as well as a braised whole African abalone five heads with shiitake mushroom. The latter is a tender concoction stewed to perfection over low heat for nine hours. Duddell's London will also present its own menu for flights departing from the city, including European favourites and regional variations.

duddells, hong kong

That's not all. To celebrate the mid-autumn festival, Duddell's coveted cream custard mooncakes will be made available onboard the plane, and honestly? We can't think of a more delectable treat to pair with your tea before landing. For the rest of us mere mortals out there: if a private plane ride isn't on the cards, you can still enjoy the same menu at Duddell's restaurants in both Hong Kong and London. Good things can't just be for those with their head in the clouds, right?

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