Valentine's Day: First date ideas from the Buro. team

Valentine's Day: First date ideas from the Buro. team

First impressions matter

Text: Corinne Cheah

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and this could mean different things for different people. It could be peak season for Tinder dates, a romantic night with your significant other or just a random but opportunistic time to shower your loved ones with gifts and affection. As the day descends upon us, we imagined what our ideal first dates would look like. So if you're out of ideas, we got you covered.

Afternoon coffee at PS.Cafe 

"An afternoon coffee in a brightly-lit cafe because if it goes well, you can proceed to the movies and dinner after. But in case it doesn't go well, you can just end it off with a slice of cake." Esther Quek, Editor-in-Chief

A tête-à-tête at Dempsey

"I'll be making reservations for two at Ippoh Tempura Bar by Ginza Ippoh at Dempsey not only because of its legendary delicately-battered tempura and intimate seating capacity, but it's close proximity to Dover Street Market Singapore where we'll get to know each other's personal style a little better." — Aravin Sandran, Culture Editor


Have dinner at Haidilao 

"The meal would at least be three hours long; which gives us enough time to discuss common interests, soup preferences and our entire family tree. Also, if he manages to concoct a winning sauce, he's a keeper." — Janice Sim, Associate Lifestyle Editor


A walk-through the Apple store 

"From a stranger-danger POV, the Apple store is an ideal rendezvous point for a first date. It's very well-lit and there are always tons of people. Safety first!" — Ryan Sng, Fashion Writer

Go to the casino

"It is the ideal location to differentiate sore losers from graceful ones, and also allows for both parties to get a better understanding of what truly matters in a relationship: spending habits and the size of one's ego." — Emily Heng, Beauty Writer

Go on a hike

"Go on a hike at 7am on a Sunday. You'll find out crucial things about each other: respect for the other person's time, response to natural bodily functions such as sweating, and above all, your chemistry. Chances are, if neither of you can stop talking though you're both gasping for air on that steep slope up, a second date is in order. But hell, that was my first date with my ex and he's an ex for a reason, so what do I know right?" — Jolene Khor, Fashion & Beauty Editor


Travel to the Science Centre Observatory 

"Attempt a heart-to-heart with your date while gazing into the dark abyss peppered with heavenly bodies. Bring out your inner astro geek — what can be more romantic than that?" — Isabel Joy Kua, Fashion Intern 

Science Centre

Watch a movie at the theatres

"I would definitely pick a movie that we are both interested in, have a drink and chat about it afterwards. But should she decide to talk or ask questions while the movie is playing, then I am sure there won't be a second date." — David Bay, Videographer

Be real, be you  

"Location doesn't matter. Let's just be honest from the start and meet with no makeup on." — Vanessa Caitlin, Group Digital Creative Producer