Tumi's spring 2018 collection: All the luggage and travel accessories we're lusting after

Tumi's spring 2018 collection: All the luggage and travel accessories we're lusting after

California dreaming

Text: Janice Sim

We kid you not; the American travel brand's spring 2018 collection will have you spoilt for choice

While it is man's greatest joy to freely circle around the world, it isn't possible without a trusty and durable companion. We're talking about the important bags that take you places.

Tumi's latest spring 2018 collection aims to assume the role with its expansive range of luggage (be it carry-on or check-in), duffel bags, backpacks and other accessories that will store every essential on your checklist. The theme this season is California — celebrating the pulsating city with an exciting colour palette (think spurts of neon) as well as bold patterns. Minimalists, not to worry: neutrals have been retained in the series, in case you don't appreciate bright pops of yellow clashing with your airport swag.

Tumi Spring 2018

You're more than welcome to check out the diverse collection in stores for yourself, but to help speed up the buying process, we bring you a shortlist of what we're calling dibs on this season. 


There's never any shame in indulging in a fiery pop of colour — even on board. In this case, we're digging this energetic hybrid of red and pink. 

Tumi V3 Collection


Some trips are for pleasure, while others are strictly business. This stylish leather briefcase will support your laptop plus other gadgets and gizmos you might require to get the job done. 

Tumi Spring 2018


As the saying goes, it is better to be safe than sorry. If you don't want a stranger mistaking your luggage for their own, fasten this neon Tumi tag securely to your baggage. It will also be much easier to identify your portmanteau when it comes swivelling down the carousel. 



Tumi Spring 2018


Since its launch, the 19 Degree Aluminium has transformed itself into a travel staple. Chic, elegant and equipped with all the flattering contours — what's not to love? This season, the shiny metal favourite debuts in a new shade of ivory gold. 

Tumi Spring 2018 


In case you haven't heard, the camo print isn't planning on retiring anytime soon. Strap on this sturdy number for hiking trails and overnight escapades — it offers more than enough room for your necessities. 

Tumi Spring 2018

Now available in stores. 

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