Tily Tea: A Singaporean label offering caffeine-free teas with TCM benefits

Tily Tea: A Singaporean label offering caffeine-free teas with TCM benefits

Tea it up

Text: Amelia Chia

If you're pregnant, nursing, or unable to enjoy the beauty of caffeinated drinks past a certain time, life can be that bit tougher. Sipping on a hot drink in the morning before work or bed is one of life's inexplicable joys. But here's a tea brand that might change all that — local label Tily Tea is a range of tonic teas that is completely natural and employs ingredients used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Tily Tea was born out of a need for delicious, caffeine-free, and highly beneficial teas that people could turn to at any time of the day. TCM teas are typically prepared over a stove at home, and have a reputation for being terribly bitter. With that in mind, Tily Tea's founders, Michelle and Geraldine Koh, decided to give traditional herbs a 21st century makeover by creating soothing blends and putting them in tea bags you can easily throw in water. Tip? Steep your tea bag for as long as you wish, because the longer you steep, the sweeter the tea gets — as the flavours from the dates and berries get thoroughly infused.

Tily Tea's Morning Shine

All Tily Tea blends are built with healing herbal roots as a base, before dried fruit and flower ingredients such as goji berries, longan, chrysanthemum, and peach flower are added to create a fragrant blend. The dried fruits naturally sweeten the tea, and the florals layer on a calming aroma, resulting in a taste profile that is both complex and light at the same time.

It's time to pick your poison. Morning Shine, chockfull of ginseng and ginger, is a decent alternative to your flat white and will give you that kick you need to get into the groove. Through The Day is a powerful root combination of astragalus and codonopsis, and makes for a robust post-lunch drink and digestive aid. Our personal favourite, Evening Calm, takes inspiration from the longan and red date tea which new mothers chug regularly during their confinement period. Crafted with longan, red date, lavender and chamomile, Evening Calm is your Netflix-and-chill nightcap that promotes relaxation and healthy blood circulation. Finally, if you're after an effective internal cleanse, Deep Cleanse does the trick with the purifying properties of burdock root.

In the case of Tily Tea, bitter is not always better. Now that's something to shout out to your grandmother — and friends and family — about.

For more information, visit Tily Tea.