The Paper Bunny launches its sustainability collection: Of reusable cups, laundry carriers, snack bags, and more

The Paper Bunny launches its sustainability collection: Of reusable cups, laundry carriers, snack bags, and more

Mindful living

Text: Allison Kim

Editor: Janice Sim

For the most part, we're oblivious to how much single-use plastics and waste are generated on this earth we claim we are trying to save. When in reality, it has been relatively easier for us as consumers to make the switch — no matter how small — to play a part in reducing waste. Especially with The Paper Bunny's first ever sustainability collection that's made up of five functional and eco-friendly essentials. This initiative also marks the homegrown brand's foray in housing other brands — namely Stasher, Stojo, and Porter.

The Paper Bunny

You'll find everything to support your daily living in this collection. Starting with reusable bags, laundry carriers,  takeaway ziplock bags, bowls and collapsible cups (that can hold your bubble tea). The roomy bags are made from 100% polyester in two sizes –– a regular-sized version for grocery shopping or workouts at the gym and a mini version designed for meal takeaways and small grocery runs. Its laundry bag is made of 100% recycled cotton.

The Paper Bunny

Other vital steps in the brand's movement for a more responsble production line have also been taken in the past year. All the paper for The Paper Bunn's greeting cards, envelopes, notepads and desk planners are made from 70% recycled paper and purchased from FSC-certified sources. Inks that are embedded on its stationery materials are made from soy, which breaks down better and is friendier towards the recyling process. Count on all its tote bags to be made from 100% recycled cotton.

Keeping to the brand's minimalist and elegant aesthetic, these products from the sustainability haul will make planning a thoughtful lifestyle more exciting than it actually sounds on paper. They can also make lovely gifts for the upcoming festive season, without explicitly saying: "Hey, I think your coffee habits are wasteful." That pretty collapsible mug will convey that intent better than you ever could.

The Paper BUnny

The Paper Bunny's sustainability collection launches today online and will also be on sale at The Paper Bunny pop-up at Boutique Fair from 16-19 November 2019.
To celebrate the launch of The Paper Bunny first ever sustainability collection, customers who purchase any item from the collection will be gifted a limited edition TPB sticker to always remind you to bring your reuables.