Editors' Picks: 6 Days Till Christmas — Gifts for the Pets

The Buro Christmas Gift Guide

Editors' Picks: 6 Days Till Christmas — Gifts for the Pets
Here's one for all the fussy fur kids out there

Let's face it. We're all slaves to our pet. This master/slave dynamic has evolved over the years such that four legs are now superior to two. With Christmas around the corner, your furry one is probably expecting foie gras, grass-fed beef, and plenty of catnip to get it through hordes of friends and family waiting to dig their grubby hands into their oh-so-soft fur. 

The great thing about gifting for your pet is that they literally have no say in it. But if you don't deal well with rejection from tempestuous pets, here's a list of goodies no furry one can resist. 


1. Louis Vuitton dog carrier 40 in Monogram canvas

Short of hoisting your four-legged king up on a human-powered sedan, you'll do well to purchase this handsome dog carrier. It's resistant to water and scratches and comes fitted with a breathable mesh window. Think of it as an investment piece for your sanity. 

Louis Vuitton dog carrier 40 in Monogram canvas

2. Bottega Veneta Ebano Intreccio Scolpito dog leash

This is really more a gift to butter up the human ego, but le pooch isn't going to complain either when he hits the sidewalk with his neck hugged by buttery, soft leather. He's probably allergic to nylon — or worse still, pleather — by now. 
Bottega Veneta Ebano Intreccio Scolpito dog leash

3. Mulberry dog coat in Pheasant bonded cotton with teflon coating

Designed in collaboration with luxury dog and cat outfitters Mungo & Maud, this Mulberry dog coat doubles up as a waterproof shield for Mr. Biggles when he's dead set on walking you even when it's pouring outside. 


4. Dylan Kendall cat bowl

Automatic cat feeders are a boon to lazy humans and bane to fussy cats. What you cat really needs is a masterfully plated meal served up in a bowl that's raised off the ground. You don't expect your cat to bow down and stress their delicate spines, do you?


5. Catnip fortune cookies

Fortune cookies aren't just the domain of Chinese restaurants run by hungry immigrants in second-tier American cities. These top treats filled with catnip (organic, no less) are pretty much the feline equivalent of magic brownies. The only thing we see in the future is happiness. Great happiness. 

Catnip fortune cookie

6. Aesop animal fur cleanser

They might be covered in mud and clearly triumphant, but you don't want to get any of that mess on your tufted leather ottoman. Wash their little paws clean with this gentle fur and skin cleanser formulated specially for animals. Tea tree oil, lemon, and spearmint will keep your furry one smelling like the alpha dog he is. 
Aesop animal fur cleanser

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Text: Denise Kok

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