The best personalised gifts to engrave this December

The best personalised gifts to engrave this December

For you, for me, for them

Text: Crystal Lim

Image: Bynd Artisan

When it comes to gifts for your closest pals and loved ones, off the shelf purchases just won't cut it. Personalised gifts are always a good consideration to start with — they put meaning and a name to the whole sentiment. That particular shade of mauve, that extra French lace, that inside-nickname that only you would recognise, the world of customisation is a well-rounded crowd pleaser. From customised stationery to bags, we share some of the best personalised gifts for you to snap up this Christmas for the special people in your lives.

The Mindful Company

A homegrown jewellery brand that specialises in jewellery customisation to celebrate moments and milestones in life. Designed to inspire and motivate individuals to cherish each moment and build memorable chapters to look back in delight. Their jewellery is inspired by the lives of everyday humans and the struggles they face. Their Reminder Band Braids and Reminder gemstones come in various colours and gemstone types, each signifying a different healing property and supports a different social cause. For that extra touch of meaningful, The Mindful Company is also a registered social enterprise with raiSE Singapore, giving back to various charities in the mental health space and more.

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Bynd Artisan

Local craft atelier, Bynd Artisan at Raffles City Singapore, is known for their exquisite range of customised notebooks and quality leather crafted gifts. From picking out the material of your paper to choosing the type of binder style, and down to the colour of your buttons and clasps, it's likely going to be the notebook of your dreams. Moving away from paper, their wide range of leather goods from a money clip to writing pad holder, the customised leather gifts will be well received by everyone.


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Stojo was founded by three New Yorker dads who worked and live on the go and also seriously loved their coffee.  To reduce the amount of waste from disposable cups going into the environment, they designed the world's first ultra-portable, leak-proof reusable cup for a greener earth. KAYSE, an authorised Stojo products reseller in Singapore specialises in personalising Stojo items and gifts for corporate events and individuals. Have your pick from a selection of beautiful pastel colours and various fonts.

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For those who appreciate fine whisky, elevate your bottle gifting this year with a personalised label and a message from Glenfiddich with every purchase of their Glenfiddich Our Original Twelve or Original Twelve or Glenfiddich 15 Year Old Solera bottles. Available all year round, a bottle or two from this collection will be an ideal gift to celebrate milestones and happy occasions, bringing significant to both giver and recipient.

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