Australia's T2 Tea boutique finally arrives in Singapore

Australia's T2 Tea boutique finally arrives in Singapore

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Text: Denise Kok

With over 140 tea blends and a lively in-store tea bar, the Aussie brand's first store in Singapore looks set to get more people excited about the brew

My first encounter with T2 Tea was courtesy of a Singaporean friend studying in Melbourne. She came home for Christmas and brought with her a whole array of tea packaged in colourful boxes, all bearing the T2 stamp on the front. I enjoyed their tea so much that said friend became my long-suffering tea mule. 

With the opening of T2 Tea's very first store in Singapore, I can finally grab a box of T2 tea without leaving Singapore. The Aussie-born tea brand has certainly come a long way since the opening of its very first store in Brunswick, Melbourne. Today, the brand has over 75 stores in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and the United States.

T2 Tea's Singapore Breakfast Tea blend

T2's very first store in Singapore marks the brand's virgin foray into Asia. Each time the brand opens in a new city, they dedicate a special blend to the destination. As for Singapore, their blenders have crafted a tea blend inspired by a breakfast favourite — kaya toast. Featuring a mix of pu-erh tea, Japanese genmaicha, coconut, and pandan, this medium-bodied brew pays an aromatic homage to our national breakfast. 

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While the brand's tea offerings are of good quality, the T2 brand isn't too precious about the art of the brew. The entire shopping experience is geared towards making tea as accessible as possible. The smelling bar showcases a flight of tiny saucers containing teas ranging from white to black, making it easy for you to discover multiple teas at one go. Uncertain of the right temprature to brew white tea? Can't seem to brew a perfect jug of ice tea? Failed to froth up your matcha? Over at the in-store tea bar, staff are happy to demonstrate the finer points of tea brewing. The more experimental staffers will also show you how to combine multiple tea blends to turn out an entirely new brew. 

Besides stocking over 140 different blends of tea, the store also carries a small selection of rare Chinese and Japanese teas. On the side, T2's teaware is perfect for lazy folk. Their iconic T2 Teamaker brews, strains, and dispenses tea in one seamless contraption while a matcha flask (purists may turn away now) with an in-built stainless steel whisk helps to whip up a matcha latte in under two minutes. 

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