#SundayFunday: The quintessential Wimbledon tipple

#SundayFunday: The quintessential Wimbledon tipple

Summer in a glass

Text: Khairunnisa Fazlur Rahman

Image: Getty Images

We’ve got the how-to’s on Pimm's Cup — pretty much the only cocktail everyone is sipping courtside

Whether you're watching Wimbledon on the television or enjoying the matches in the company of friends, you're not completely set without a sip of Pimm's Cup. Refreshing and sharp, with a hint of the sweet and tangy, the cocktail has become synonymous with the esteemed British tennis tournament and we love how it makes for the perfect thirst quencher at any outdoor event.

It's no surprise that 40,000 pints of Pimm's have been sold within the hallowed gates of Wimbledon in just two weeks. How did it all begin? In the mid-1800s, the original Pimm's spirit was inspired by its namesake, Mr. James Pimm, who created a base recipe with select liqueurs and fruit extracts. Today, the gin-based cocktail features a concoction of fruit extracts (think a harmonious blend of various citruses, berries and even apple) topped with lemonade. Keen to spice up your classic Pimm's Cup? Add some fresh herbs like mint, basil, verbena and rosemary. The result? A burst of refreshing flavours dancing to your favourite summer rhythms. 

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