This shatterproof coffee cup might just be the one we've been waiting for

This shatterproof coffee cup might just be the one we've been waiting for

Zero waste

Text: Janice Sim

Sttoke has just landed in Singapore

Takeaway coffee might seem like a imperative task to check off your to-do list but it is also contributing to a harmful landfill of waste.

So as cutting-edge and "relevant" as disposable coffee cups might seem, you can definitely do better — for yourself, and the environment. Now here goes your last excuse out of the window: Melbourne's renowned reusable cup, Sttoke is landing on our shores. We'd like to call it another win for Singapore's burgeoning coffee community

Sttoke Keep Cup

It's lightweight, it's shatterproof and definitely easy on the eyes. This Gold Winner for Good Design Award®  2018, is rendered primarily from stainless steel; setting itself apart from existing KeepCups with a water-based Greblon ceramic coating within — a crucial feature that doesn't compromise the taste of every brew. Thanks to its double-wall insulation, your cup of coffee can be kept at its ideal heat without burning your delicate fingers at the same time.

Sttoke Keep Cup

Add to that, a sleek matte finish, spill-proof lid and an ergonomic design for a firm grip. But even if that doesn't prevent your butter fingers from slipping up, you're assured your Sttoke cup will survive the fall. 

Sttoke cup is now available at Kith Café, Dutch Colony, Lunar Coffee Brewers, Senate Coffee and Punch.

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