Which cocktail best encapsulates your personality? Find your perfect elixir here

Which cocktail best encapsulates your personality? Find your perfect elixir here

The perfect poison

Text: Janice Sim

Whether you're a ball of energy or cool as a cucumber, there's a perfect drink waiting for you at the Singapore Cocktail Festival

When it comes to crafting a cocktail, there are no limitations or rules. It's where creative impulses are free to roam, paving the way for new and exciting flavour profiles — which is probably why cocktails are usually a bundle of fun. By now, you probably have a few favourites of your own, whether it be a Whiskey Sour or a delicious Cosmo. So on that note, why not take a step further to discover your very own spirit cocktail? Yes, we're talking the cocktail that's practically an incarnation of your underlying personality traits.

The good news is, you can find your personal poison at the upcoming Singapore Cocktail Festival (happening from 4 to 13 May), which sees 25 local bar pop-ups, 20 artisanal spirit labels and 12 internationally acclaimed guest bartenders taking over Empress Place in a special zone called the Festival Village. This is definitely where the party is at. Below, we break down the different cocktails at the festival that could potentially be your soulmate elixir. 

If you're spirited, determined and courageous...
Look for: The Feisty Bulldog from Artemis Grill

Any imbiber looking for a challenge can take up on the punchy combination of Bulldog Gin, green chartreuse, grapefruit, lime juice and rhubarb syrup.

Singapore Cocktail Festival 2018

If you're cool as a cucumber...
Look for: Sake Cucumber from Caffé B

If chill is your middle name, you would probably appreciate a soothing concoction. This refreshing cocktail comprises mixed Kiku-Masamune Sake, lychee juice, ginger slices and a special home-made syrup.

Singapore Cocktail Festival 2018

If you believe in preserving the classics...
Look for: The Old Man from Court Martial Bar

You're all about vintage collector items and staying true to the evergreen things in life. Think Johnnie Walker, Cynar, chocolate bitters and smoked cinnamon.

If you're bubbly and vibrant...
Look for: Lychee Bubble Tea from Loof

You tend to have a soft spot for the sweeter cocktails. This one surely won't disappoint — a fresh lychee bubble tea spiked with a generous dose of tequila.

Singapore Cocktail Festival 2018

If you're a sensual person...
Look for: I'm Naked from Potato Head Folk

Cheeky by nature? This cocktail will live up to your expectations. Indulge in this whisky-based mix infused with Bois Butterscotch and chocolate bitters.

If you love the outdoors...
Look for: Passion Fruit Caipirinha from Post Bar

You love a Piña Colada anytime of the day. But here's something that could rival, if not replace that — a tall glass of rum, Cachaça, fresh passionfruit and brown sugar. 

Singapore Cocktail Festival 2018

Browse the full selection of cocktails at the Singapore Cocktail Festival 2018 happening from 4-13 May. Visitors who purchase a ticket to the Festival Village will receive a complimentary Cocktail Passport to use at participating venues to enjoy exclusive festival deals. The Cocktail Passport is also available for purchase separately at $15.