#SaturdaySessions: This dog just won't stop photobombing breakfast

Canine persuasion

#SaturdaySessions: This dog just won't stop photobombing breakfast
Feed me, human

This Saturday, we take a break from all the felines ruling the internet to bring you Kipple the dog. Kipple lives in the suburbs of Tokyo with her human, Natsuko Kuwaha. Like all dogs, Kipple is always after a treat, and she's great at putting her game face on (pleading eyes, earnest ears) when she knows something tasty has hit the table. We don't blame her for being greedy. After all, her owner Natsuko Kuwaha is a Japanese food stylist and baker, so her food doesn't only taste good — it is pretty photogenic, too. Which canine can resist carnal temptation that's so well laid? Certainly not this one. 

Bread and a dog

Kipple doesn't only excel at begging for treats. She's a master at persistent photobombing. As a result, Kuwahara has managed to publish an entire recipe book, Bread and a Dog, that features over a hundred photos of Kipple lurking in the background while breakfast is served. 

Bread and a dog

Expect to find recipes that offer a peek into Japanese bread and baking traditions. French toast, rice cake rolls, layer cakes, and fig bagels are just a few of the delicious treats that you can try your hand at turning out. Buyer's beware: These dishes would inspire your own pet to photobomb your breakfast. 

Bread and a dog

Bread and a Dog by Natsuko Kuwahara is published by Phaidon. You can pre-order the book from the Phaidon site and the book will begin shipping from 5 October.  

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Text: Denise Kok

  • Image:
    Natsuko Kuwahara,
    courtesy of Phaidon Press
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