All set for the return of Riverdale at Pop's? Check out these 5 super cool diners

All set for the return of Riverdale at Pop's? Check out these 5 super cool diners

Grab a booth

Text: Janice Sim

One of them involves eating in a car

If you're a fan of the guilty-pleasure adaptation of Archie comic book series, Riverdale, you'd probably be familiar with the iconic Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe diner. After all, this is where most of the fun, gloomy, and sappy milkshake dates take place. But to be fair, we haven't actually seen another F&B alternative apart from Pop's on the show.  

Fortunately here in the real world, away from the show's innocent teen romances, Jughead's sarcastic punch-lines, and mysterious killings, we do have a slew of diner options sprawled across the world. And while most of them stay true to the classic all-American prototype, there are a handful that stray away from Pop's or other conventional joints. Instead, they bring something different to the table, whether it be creative food offerings or swanky furnishings (hipster alert!). Below, we bring you our favourites.

Little Goat Diner, Chicago

Here at Little Goat Diner, muted tones of teal, brown, and white take over the restaurant in exchange for the crimson red booth seats you're used to seeing at a typical diner. Owner Stephanie Izzard (famously known as one of the winners from Top Chef), serves up an elegant twist that is unlike any traditional 1950s diner. Expect classic bites like burgers and smoked fries, but also unusual choices like goat meat and kimchi bacon with eggs. Sick of milkshakes? Get a load of their Dark Matter espresso topped with a dollop of matcha whip.

Little Goat Diner

820 W Randolph St, Chicago, IL 60607, USA 

Palace Diner, New York

What's cooler than eating in a restaurant? Cosying up in a dining car of course — might we also add, Maine's oldest dining car. Here at Palace Diner, no spacious booths or wide tables reside. Instead, all that's available is a seating capacity of 15 vinyl stools overlooking the service crew behind a long slim table. The food here is simple and unpretentious, but still exceptionally hearty. Think tuna melts on challah toast or homemade banana bread, smeared with a generous slab of brown butter.  

Riverdale Diner Palace Diner

194 Washington St, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601, USA 

Electric Diner, London

Repping the Riverdale façade is Electric Diner, conveniently located next to Electric Cinema, one of London's oldest picture houses. The interior here nods to the classic diner aesthetic but with a touch of glamour — you can definitely enjoy a moody, intimate moment in one of their red-hot booth seats. Their food is predictably sinful (not that we're complaining), and you'll be well fed with fatty moreish plates like their Philly cheese dog, steak & frites, and bone marrow burger. But fret not, healthy options like avo on toast with chilli and poached eggs are also available. Millennial bait? We definitely think so.

Riverdale Diner Palace Diner

191 Portobello Rd, London W11 2ED, UK 

Nalu Diner, Berlin

It can be hard to find a classic all-American diner like Nalu Diner in the streets of Berlin. This particular one is stripped down to rustic wooden booths and walls adorned with whimsical art pieces. In a nutshell, good vibes all around. The cosy establishment serves up a mean breakfast, ranging from mouth-watering pancakes, homemade crispy hash browns, and their signature Trouble Egg McBluffin breakfast sandwich — featuring an English breakfast muffin topped with a fried egg, homemade sausage, bacon and cheddar cheese.

Riverdale Diner Nalu Diner

Dunkerstraße 80A, 10437 Berlin, Germany 

The Soda Factory, Sydney

Part cocktail lounge, part kitschy diner — The Soda Factory is a clandestine space that's masterfully hidden behind a typical hot-dog shop (cheekily named 'Bobby's Boss Dogs'). Make no mistake, you can actually order one of their delicious sausage offerings here. But to get to the highlight of the place, all you have to do is to pull on their makeshift Coke machine, and you'll find yourself inside The Soda Factory. The slinky spot is dressed sharply with plushy booths, mid-century sofas, and serve an endless supply of booze, ice-cream, and other carb-loaded snacks. In other words, a perfect night out for the gang.  

Riverdale Diner The Soda Lounge

16 Wentworth Ave, Surry Hills, NSW 2010, Australia