Peanut Butter Day: What you never knew about your favourite breakfast spread

Peanut Butter Day: What you never knew about your favourite breakfast spread

Nuts about nuts

Text: Janice Sim

Besides the fact that it's so bloody delicious

Loosen up a little, because it's National Peanut Butter Day. Indeed, it is only fitting that our favourite nut butter blend deserves its very own day of commemoration.

Whether you're a diehard Reese's fan, or thrive on raiding Skippy jars in your free time, here are some interesting tidbits you probably never knew about your favourite breakfast spread. Some of these further validates how awesome peanut butter really is. 

Approximately 540 peanuts are needed to make a 12-ounce jar of peanut butter

A good reminder in case you were questioning how legitimate your tub of peanut butter is.

The preference for it varies between men and women

According to the National Peanut Board (that's as official as it gets), men like it crunchy while women prefer it creamy and smooth. How accurate is that statement? You be the judge of that.

Peanut Butter Day

It makes an excellent workout snack

Consuming a small snack like peanut butter, which is packed with carbohydrates, protein, and fat within 30 minutes after completing your workout can promote muscle synthesis and recovery. 

It's vegan and gluten-free

Most peanut butters are in fact, vegan and gluten-free — in case you're concerned about consuming animal products or any gluten.

Apparently, it's good for your health

While it might seem impossible that something that tastes so good could be beneficial for your body, studies from Harvard Health Publishing have shown that peanut butter helps to lower your cholesterol, all thanks to its heart-healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats.

You could lose weight from it 

At the end of the day, peanut butter still contains a high amount of fat and calories. But if you consume it sparingly, it does a good job of suppressing your hunger. The ideal amount to stick to is two full tablespoons, which you could easily pair with apple slices or eat it on its own.

It doubles up as a grooming product

A useful point in case you ever run out of shaving cream. Plus, the natural oils found in peanut butter can also be nourishing for your skin. Win-win!

Even astronauts eat it while in space

We're pretty sure the menu in space is one that's extremely selective, but peanut butter sandwiches managed to make the cut. Our guess? It provides sufficient nutrition and is definitely a snack that's easy to store and safekeep.