Odette marks its first birthday with a special anniversary menu

Odette marks its first birthday with a special anniversary menu

French flair

Text: Denise Kok

Image: Colossal Photos

When eight dishes paint a picture of one chef's journey

What a difference a year makes. 12 months ago, Odette was but a name, but as it moves into its sophomore year, it brings with it not one, but two Michelin stars to call its own. Born out of a collaboration between chef-owner Julien Royer and The Lo & Behold Group, modern French restaurant Odette continues to draw diners to its pastel pink cocoon in the historic National Gallery Singapore. 


From 16 to 19 November, Royer will present an eight-course dinner menu that brings to life various milestones in his 17-year career. For fans of Odette, three dishes—his signature 55-degree smoked organic egg; mushroom tea; and hay-roasted pigeon—make familiar, comforting encores. This time, however, they are presented alongside a beautifully illustrated menu that sheds light on the inspiration behind each dish.

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Certain chapters bring with it intriguing surprises. Take for example his ode to Thailand, a destination Agnes, his wife, and himself enjoy heading to for a quick getaway. The dish features Japanese Kinki fish cooked to perfection—its scales masterfully crisped—and presented in a delicate Obsiblue shrimp consommé lifted with an aromatic touch of Kaffir lime leaves and Thai basil. 

Tout chocolat

Dessert, an indulgent chocolate creation, is a love letter of sorts to Agnes, his bestfriend and soulmate of 15 years. He confesses that her love for chocolate dessert means they only dine at restaurants featuring cocoa-fuelled treats on the menu. 

Odette. #01-04, National Gallery Singapore, 1 St Andrew's Road. Tel: 6385 0398.