New year resolutions made to last through the year

New year resolutions made to last through the year

Resolutions to reality

Text: Corinne Cheah

It's official — 2018 is done and dusted and 2019 is here to stay  for another 362 days anyway. With each passing year, we undertake the annual tradition of resolution making — from the generic ones of living a healthier life to self-empowering decisions like #self-love, not every resolution made it through to the end of the year. No matter what our definition for living our best lives is, we ultimately look forward to a more positive, healthier and happier year ahead. But let's be real, not every resolution can be kept till December. So here's a list of eight practical resolutions to kick-start 2019 right, and also nifty tips on how to keep them. 

Get organized 

The warning "time to get your sh*t together" has never been more apt. A new year means new beginnings so this time is perfect to get rid of things that you don't need in your life anymore. The pile of unworn clothes lying in a dark corner of your wardrobe or the stack of letters from your loved ones collected over the years? Donate your clothes to the salvation army and scan the letters into your laptop to immortalize them. If you're now spurred to take action and get your life organized, get a move on by watching Marie Kondo's new Netflix programme that will be able to guide you along the decluttering and tidying process. Muji and Ikea also offer stylish boxes to help make this resolution attainable. Get Organized

Save money

We all know that money makes the world go round and the importance of financial health. Christmas just being over is probably not helping our monetary situation but thank goodness there are apps out in the market to help us such as Spendio, Seedly, and Wally. All three apps help manage your finances but differ slightly — Spendio helps create goals, Seedly provides financial management across major banks in Singapore, and Wally compares income to expenditure — helping you understand where your money goes. 

Learn a new language 

"¡Hola!", "こんにちは", "Hej " Take this year as an opportunity to educate yourself by learning a new language. Start with manageable languages such as Spanish and French that are closer to the English language. You may turn to Duolingo to get a head-start as it allows you to learn more than 20 languages for free and at your convenience. The app is available on iOS and Apple store. Languages

Make better use of your kitchen 

Yes, it's easy to get takeout meals with every tap of an app these days. But cooking your own food means you get to control how much salt, sugar and oil goes into everything. Take the first step and invest in a set of beautiful silverware from Crate&Barrel or a pressure cooker from Harvey Norman. Once the basics of home cooking have been settled, try your hand at one of our many featured recipes and you might just be a cook-at-home convert. 

Get moving

Exercise brings about an endless list of health and everyday life benefits such as helping with weight loss and improving our mood and quality of sleep. Start small with an evening walk around your neighborhood after work (a few times a week) or aim higher by signing up with workout apps ClassPass and GuavaPass. They offer a variety of workout classes that differ in intensity and location — ideal for whether you are just starting out or looking to up your fitness game. 

Volunteer for a cause you believe in  

It only takes a little good to make the world a better place. Make a change in the new year as you get involved in some good work at local charity organizations. The multi-service TOUCH community services offer opportunities to work with different age groups: at-risk children to the Meals-on Wheels initiative that delivers meals to homebound elderly. If humans are not your thing, get some animal therapy as you volunteer in organizations such as SPCA and WWF. There's something for everyone. Voluteering

Accept and pay compliments

In the new year, learn to see the value of your good work and accept compliments thrown at you. Whether it be a well-written report or coordinating an amazing outfit ensemble, gracefully accept the compliments with a thank you after. Compliments work as a two-way street — just as how being complimented brings about a warm, fuzzy feeling, be generous with your compliments towards others too. It only takes a simple comment to make someone's day. 

Digital detox 

We are all guilty of spending hours scrolling Instagram and Facebook on the explore feed, liking countless photos and trying to get 15 seconds of fame on Instagram Stories. While social media and all things digital are a great and efficient way to know what is going on in the lives of others, nothing beats some real-life human interaction. The physical hugs, filling in each other with personal news and essentially being in the presence of a friend; these are acts that can't ever be replicated over social media or texts. So give your thumbs a break, and see where you go from there.