Here's what you can expect when you're forking out $14,500 for a smartphone

Here's what you can expect when you're forking out $14,500 for a smartphone

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Text: Denise Kok

Vertu has unveiled their new Signature Touch smartphone and it's more impressive than ever

With a five-figure price tag, Vertu's latest addition to its Signature Touch line is pretty much the Lamborghini of smartphones. The British manufacturer of ultra luxe mobile devices isn't one to drop a new product at the turn of every quarter, but when they do, they make sure it's one heck of a device. We take a look at some of the finest touches money can buy. 

1. Dedicated craftsmanship

This ain't no factory-line fare. Hand-fed stitching and finely polished titanium underscore the brand's uncompromising attention to detail. If you wish to send a little thank you note to the craftsman who brought your phone to life, you'll find his name engraved within. 

2. A sturdy build 

Study the phone carefully and you'll realise the 5.2-inch screen is crafted from a single piece of 130-carat sapphire crystal. Screen protectors are not necessary here. This hardy surface is virtually scratchproof. 

  • 3. Fancy mechanics
  • Inspired by aeronautical wing design and iconic sports cars, gull-wing doors on the back of the phone flip up to reveal two sleek nanoSim card and microSD card holders. Perfect for one-upsmanship at insufferable reunion parties. 
  • Vertu's new Signature Touch smartphone in Garnet calf leather
  • 4. Concierge services
  • Not to be confused with a hotline which you dial up when your phone's misbehaving, Vertu's dedicated concierge service provides round-the-clock assistance the world over. Need to find a last minute cat-sitter (who also provides cat massages) for your spoilt feline? A gift for your girlfriend's birthday, happening today? They've got your back. 
  • 5. Made-to-order services
  • Fancy alligator leather over calf leather? Yes, that can be done. Want to switch up the side rails, pillow trim, and even the keyboard? Certainly. Short of splaying your pheromones on the phone, you can truly get creative with personalising your device. 


Available from Vertu boutiques. For more information, click here.