10 things that get better with age

10 things that get better with age

Time is of the essence

Text: Meera Navlakha

Image: Instagram/@damoksha

From buttery leather to balsamic vinegar and coffee, we take a look at the things in life that mature to greatness

Time is a healer. It is also the one element that has the power to transform something from good to great. This can be the luscious leather jacket you swing over your shoulder, a classic movie that never gets old, and quite unexpectedly — coffee. Yes, aged coffee is a thing. Below, we take a look at the things which, quite simply, get better with age.

Aged coffee

Coffee lovers, rejoice. Nespresso has released a limited edition coffee collection that's really quite unusual. If you've never tasted aged coffee before, Nespresso's new Selection Vintage 2014 collection will have you pondering the unique bouquet of flavours in this brew. How exactly does Nespresso age coffee?
It's interesting to note that only certain types of coffee age well and enjoy the privilege of expressiong itself through maturation. As such, the process of aging coffee begins with Nespresso selecting coffee beans grown in the high altitudes of the Colombian highlands. These beans are then aged for three years under precisely controlled environs, with Nespresso experts calibrating the time, oxygen, moisture, air, light, and atmospheric pressure required to influence the taste and texture of the coffee. The result is a distinctly complex coffee that's fruity with a touch of woodiness. Enhance your tasting moment of this elegant cup of coffee with the Nespresso REVEAL Espresso, Intense cups that magnify the elusive aromas and complexity of Nespresso Grands Crus coffee. Order yours online or grab a sleeve from Nespresso's boutiques at Raffles City Shopping Centre, Takashimaya Department Store, and ION Orchard.



nespresso le selection

Denim jeans
If there’s ever been a classic closet item, it would be denim jeans. It was the top choice for supermodels throughout the '90s, with faded and skinny jeans growing more and more desirable as the years went on. Even though we're well into 2017, we still see denim jeans making a comeback each year, with designers finding ways to reinvent and retain denim jeans as an iconic part of the fashion narrative. Here's a secret: You should never wash your jeans. This will allow the indigo to fade into the creases of the fabric, giving your jeans that certain je ne sais quoi

distressed jeans

Leather jacket

  1. You can never go wrong with a leather jacket. Even today, our favourite sartorial brands carry this closet staple, making it a timeless piece that never quite grows old. Paired with just a pair of jeans and a white T-shirt, the leather jacket adds a funky edge to an otherwise dull look. Over time, the oils from your skin and other elements from the environment absorb into the leather, forming a beautiful and entirely unique patina.

  2. leather jacket
    All You Need is Love

  3. Released in 1967, this single by The Beatles was meant to deliver a message to the world, and this was something the band followed through with. The song’s lyrics were intended to be universal and simple: Love is all we need. It remained at the top spot for weeks in both the United Kingdom and the United States. Today, it remains one of the band’s most played songs on Spotify. Even though The Beatles is no longer on tour, they have all but lost their popularity and All You Need is Love continues to be sung and enjoyed by millions.
    The Beatles

  4. Casablanca
    It might have been released in 1942, but the American romantic drama continues to be an iconic part of cinema history. Prior to its release, no one involved in production figured it would be catapulted to the level of success it eventually attained. The film, based on a series of events occurring to an American expat in Casablanca, eventually scooped three Academy Awards. Today, it is known as a cherished piece of film art which continues to be watched worldwide and referenced in stories. 
    Ken Watanabe

  5. Ken Watanabe, at the age of 57, seems only to be getting better. The distinguished Japanese actor has played both Japanese and English-speaking roles, and is best known for his feature in The Last Samurai. Immortalised in his award-winning films in Japan, Watanabe is considered to be one of the country’s most popular and charismatic performers, making age nothing but a number. This is one silver fox we'll happily put on our #ManCrushMonday list. 
    Ken Watanbe

  6. Vintage watches
    When it comes to time, there’s nothing quite like a vintage piece to give it meaning. An heirloom piece, passed from one generation of the family to another, comes not only with smart complications, but also tales from the days of yore. They are great investment pieces too, if you're thinking of putting them up for auction. As for our picks, we'll run with the Rolex GMT-Master Ref. 1675 and GMT-Master II Ref. 16710. They are especially stunning and a crowning touch to any outfit.

  7. Rolex
    Vintage cars

    For the car connoisseur, there’s nothing better than a vintage piece. The most dedicated of these fans will look closely at the restoration process and the year in which the car was built. Typically, for a car to qualify as a truly vintage piece, it'll have to be crafted between 1919 and 1930. While most car manufacturers today are focused on building more powerful cars, the charm of owning a vintage car lies in its unique design, unusual quirks, and the knowledge that you're driving a piece of the past straight into the future.   
    vintage car

  8. Balsamic vinegar

  9. Originally from Italy, balsamic vinegar is a pantry basic which needs to be aged to develop the rich, complex bouquet of flavours it's known for. The name in itself means 'curative', hinting at the time and energy needed to craft this precious liquid. Exceptional barrels of balsamic vinegar can require a minimum of 12 years to reach its peak, with the most premium batches of vinegars taking a minimum of 25 years to achieve its full potential.

  10. balsamic vinegar
    Chin Mee Chin Confectionery

  11. There's nothing quite like rising to a traditional Singapore-style breakfast with kaya toast and a strong cup of kopi and no one does it better than Chin Mee Chin Confectionery, a traditional coffeeshop and veritable institution along East Coast Road. This Hainanese joint still retains stylings from the '50s, with ceiling fans, marble-top tables and wooden chairs adorning the space. While most coffeeshops purchase factory-made kaya, Chin Mee Chin still makes theirs in huge cauldrons heated over charcoal.

  12. Chin Mee Chin