A cheeky Mother’s Day gift guide for every mum we know

A cheeky Mother’s Day gift guide for every mum we know

Pick one, two, or all

Text: Amelia Chia Janice Sim

It's 6 days to Mother's Day, and you’re still uncertain what to buy your mum? Pore over this lifestyle A-Z guide — a comprehensive list compiling the best in food, travel, cars and technology

With a multitude of Mother's Day gift guides out there, we thought we'd put together one for both the favourite child and lazy procrastinator. With 26 stellar options, you'll definitely find the perfect gift for Mother Dearest. Have a few thousand dollars to drop to pay for your years of ungratefulness? Easy — take her to the Northern Lights. Is quality time her love language? Treat her to a sumptuous three-hour brunch at Ash & Elm. Completely clueless and have no siblings to help? Use our guide as a game. Just pick an alphabet (D if her name is Doris) from our A-Z guide and get her that exact thing. Still penniless but trying? We've scoured a (semi-free) gym class you can take her to. Hot tip: Approach the gym class idea with caution.

Ash & Elm: Available on 14 May only, this special Mother's Day brunch at Ash & Elm is guaranteed to delight even the most discerning taste buds. Take your pick from Kaluga Queen and Avruga caviar, an array of cheeses, prime steaks, slow-baked sea bass and a beautiful selection of desserts.

Mother's Day gift guide

Botanico: Go for the four-course brunch menu at this gorgeous bistro, and order her one of the two themed Mother's Day cocktails. Don't tell Mum — she'll be presented with a surprise chocolate cake at the end of her meal, with compliments from the restaurant.

Capella: If she can't take a break overseas, book her a relaxing staycation at Capella. The Mother's Day deal includes a complimentary breakfast, two cocktails, a 60-minute body massage or facial and a specially-designed welcome amenity.

Dyson V8 Motorhead: She loves cleaning and is darn good at it. She won't even let you do the household chores (lucky you). If this sounds like your mum, Dyson's cordless V8 Motorhead is a lean cleaning machine that she'll adore. Plus, her housewife friends will be green with envy.

Eclairs at The Providore: Have you checked out Buro's limited edition Mother's Day menu, in collaboration with The Providore? Their trio of eclairs are absolutely divine — pick from Goma, Raspberry and S'mores.

Mother's Day Gift Guide The Providore

Fullerton Spa: Book her a weekend of bliss and pampering at The Fullerton Hotel's lavish spa. There's no better time to do it than now, as the hotel is offering a special deal on their 60-minute Ultimate Aromatherapy Experience and Intensive Muscle Release massage treatments.

Gattopardo: One for the entire family, Gattopardo's family-style Sunday brunch features a massive 6kg octopus from the fresh waters of Sicily, lightly blanched and served tableside. How can anyone resist?

HomeAway: This vacation rental marketplace hosts some of the most breathtaking houses you'll ever find. Our pick? Villa Mayavee in Phuket, Thailand will have your Mum reminiscing about the experience for years to come. Seriously, how much do you want to be her favourite child?

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iPhone (PRODUCT)RED Special Edition: Help Mum keep up with the times with a brand-new iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus in a vibrant red aluminium finish. What's more? A portion of each purchase from the (PRODUCT)RED Special Edition goes to a global fund which helps with AIDS testing and AIDS prevention programmes.

Jade Restaurant: Hands up if your mum falls into the super Asian category — where she shuns all kinds of Spanish, Italian and Mexican fare. The recently revamped Jade Restaurant, serving up some of our island's best Cantonese food, is right up her alley.

Kikki.K.: Mothers can be dreamers too — kikki.K's new Inspiration collection is all about books that feature inspiring quotes entwined with stunning photography, to motivate you to get the best out of life. Your mum, the next Michelle Obama? Hey, you never know.

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Lynnette's Kitchen: Peranakan families are a unique breed. They think their cuisine is the best (true story), and won't even try buah keluak that isn't their family recipe. Well, give Grandma a break this time around, because we've found a Peranakan option that tastes just as good as home — and Lynnette can even act as a guest chef at your private function.

MINI Countryman: We figured somewhere between her labour pains, your exorbitant education fees, and years worth of lies and schemes, a chic MINI Countryman would be sufficient payback. It even comes with a fold-out picnic bench for those spontaneous soirees.

Northern Lights: You probably won't recall her lugging you around during her travels in your early years, but she definitely does. Now it's time to return the favour and at the same time get her lots of likes on Instagram — so why not take her on a trip to see the Northern Lights? It's an out-of-this-world experience, and a tad expensive, but we're sure you can do it for Mum.

Open Door Policy: Who knew French Toast and Lobster Benedicts could be served sans gluten and dairy? If she's gluten-intolerant, delight her in a hearty brunch at Open Door Policy. She'll appreciate that you considered her dietary needs.

Pangkor Laut Resort: Sun, sand and sea? The whole family's in. Whisk her away to YTL Hotels' Pangkor Laut Resort in Malaysia, where she'll wake up to spectacular sunrises, breakfasts in bed and relaxing massages.

QLED TV by Samsung: Her primetime Korean melodramas will come to life with Samsung's brand-new QLED TV. Impeccable picture quality for her current man crush? She'll definitely appreciate the kind gesture — just don't tell Dad.

Rimowa: Does she need to up her travel game? Here comes classy wheels with Rimowa's Bossa Nova collection. Now is a good time to replace that old, crusty antique chest she calls a luggage. 

Sensixx' Steam Iron DA70 by Bosch: With this miracle worker from Bosch — that features a smart single temperature setting — she won't be able to ruin your delicate silks anymore. 

TWG Tea: Mums and tea go together like bread and butter. She'll adore the Darjeeling First Flush Tea's refreshing notes of ripe fruits and nuts. Just bake her the scones, and she's all set.

U-Love by OSIM: If you're not a fan of physical affection, this OSIM massage chair will do all the chummy work for you. Bonus: You'll hear less of that horrifying sound whenever she attempts to crack her back.  

VisionGym: How to go about booking her a workout? Tell her workouts are not for losing weight — just for toning — and head down to VisionGym with her. This no-nonsense gym is offering complimentary workouts in the month of May, redeemable along with a paying patron. 

Wireless headphones from Bang & Olufsen: Here's a sweet, subtle way to silence her booming Radio Gold 90.5 FM music when she's at home. These Beoplay H4 wireless headphones are super gorgeous, and offers top-quality sound right in her ear. Win-win.

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Xtend Barre at Upside Motion: Here's one for precious mother-daughter bonding time. At this trendy barre class, she'll be able to put those leggings to good use and at the same time, feel like a twenty-something again. 

Yoga at The Yoga School: If she's an avid yogi, she'll enjoy a session of Dharma Yoga at The Yoga School. Even if she isn't, there's a chance it could help with the temperamental mood swings at home. Peace and love, Mum. 

Zumba at Life Sparks: Never mind that she's pushing 50 this year; it doesn't mean that her hips can't move like Shakira's in a sweaty Zumba class at Life Sparks studio. One up that by paying for all her auntie friends too — they will just adore you.