Ideal tea pairings for all your mooncakes this Mid-Autumn Festival

Ideal tea pairings for all your mooncakes this Mid-Autumn Festival

Full moon essentials

Text: Janice Sim

An essential guide to savouring the best of the best

While we love chugging our daily mug of coffee, it's pretty clear that tea is the obvious choice of beverage this Mid-Autumn Festival. How so? Well, it's soothing, cleanses the palate and is the ideal companion to the mooncakes we're stuffing our faces with this week. But given the abundance of choices out there, it can be hard to decide which tea pairs perfectly with your favourite mooncakes. The trick is to find the perfect balance between the two — check out Newby Teas' nifty guide to picking out the right tea for your sweet, indulgent treat.

The traditional

Honour tradition with classic baked mooncakes, loaded with a mouthful of lotus paste filling. A cup of fine black tea will do just the trick for traditional mooncakes — choose Newby's Premium Pu Erh, which packs earthy and rich notes to remove any greasiness.

The traditional with egg yolks

Perfect for balancing the saltiness from the yolk, Newby's newly launched Earl Green sparks a tangy touch to the mix. It is also the lighter alternative to the popular Earl Grey, and imbues a sweet aroma alongside a refreshing citrus flavour.

Mooncakes Tea

The snowskin 

Your pretty snow moons are usually encased with a variety of creative flavours — whether it be inventive or experimental. From delightful lychee purees down to the full-bodied durian, what you need in a tea has to be light and invigorating — Newby's Oriental Sencha blends tropical fruity and floral notes with the fresh grassy flavours of steamed green tea. Keen on a caffeine-free alternative? Their Rooibos Orange delivers pleasant fruity notes with a sweet finish. 

Mooncakes Tea

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