Louis Vuitton City Guides adds a mobile app and four new cities to its collection

Louis Vuitton City Guides adds a mobile app and four new cities to its collection


Text: Denise Kok

Come November, you'll be able to access Louis Vuitton's beautiful City Guides from your iPhone and iPad

Following the launch of this year's special SG50 edition of Louis Vuitton's Singapore City Guide, November will see the maison introducing four more cities to whet our wanderlust. Bangkok, everyone's favourite weekend getaway, is joined by the historic cities of Prague and Rome. The fourth city to join the ever-growing collection is Chicago, which brings with it jazz clubs and architectural monuments to rival that of New York's. 

Louis Vuitton City Guides for iPhone and iPad

For the first time ever, Louis Vuitton has made it easy for you to carry all the city guides with you on your mobile devices. Come November, you can download the city guides for 25 destinations straight onto your iPhone and iPad. Print is not dead — but going digital certainly comes with many benefits. For one, you'll receive instant updates to each city guide instead of having to wait for new editions to roll out. The app will also allow you to compile an address book of your must-see sites in the city — all with the ease of just one click, while the events calendar keeps you updated on the activities going on during the time you're there.

Most notably, the app contains easy-to-read maps that you can access even when you're offline. When tuned to the location-aware mode, the map makes it easy for anyone to navigate a foreign land. 

Available for download from the Apple app store from November 2015